It’s really true that broken hearts don’t break even. Well for one you seem really fine with your life, if I was writing this yesterday I would curse the hell out of you but today, I woke up feeling a bit more positive in life, well, I saw that you’re really going out there chasing your dreams and I’m genuinely happy for you. You’re such a dreamer and that’s one of the reason why I fell in love with you.

Instead of remembering the day you broke my heart, I am determine to just think of the happy memories we had for 9 months.  I’m sorry if I can’t be the perfect girlfriend for you but hey let’s be honest, you were never the perfect boyfriend for me too, but that’s life, nothing is perfect. Love is really hard work and not a fantasy we build in our minds, love is a work in progress but we failed to work things or maybe you just fell out of love with me. Hey who knows what the real reason why you suddenly gave up (not really convince that you just need to find yourself excuse) but the bottom line is you don’t love me anymore. Those 9 months you just threw away  one day and decided that you’re over it.

Remember on Valentines day, when we can’t be together (like always) You send me the sweetest message on exactly midnight because as you said it was special because that’s our first valentines (well who would ever thought that it was going to be our last also).

Remember when I would help you with your work and you would remind to double check everything because those container numbers and trucking number was really confusing

Remember when I would talk to taylor (your cat) on the phone and she would respond on my meows. and when we officially called her taba because he’s hella fat

Remember when we’re just starting out in our relationship and you would just randomly tell me that you love me.

Remember all of that? I do remember everything because those happy memories that makes me smile from ear to ear is now making me cry like crazy. It makes my heart fell like its crashing into so many pieces.

What happened? What went wrong? Tell me. Because it hurts so bad knowing that I gave everything to make things work but ended up as if you don’t know me. Tell me. Did you really love me or you just fell in love with the concept of being in love to forget someone. Tell me. Are my tears worthy?

Please tell me that everything is going to okay.




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