LET’S REVIEW: Avon perfectly matte lipstick

Not really that type of person to order or to find product specifically but when I saw the youtube ad of Avon I was really curious of their perfectly matte lipstick! so the hunt to have one started a week ago and luckily I fond an “avon girl” who sells it and the best part was if you buy one of their new matte lipstick there is a FREE ( I love the word free) Mascara and press powder all for 399Pho or around $10. Not bad right?

Form Avon’s Website

So today the products arrived and I was really excited to try an avon product finally! will not go into the details of the free products because for one I was not really impressed with the mascara, it seems like it was really an old stock. The press powder was okay–nothing special really and I didn’t care much with its smell.


I don’t know really know if their packaging is really this classy since before but this is so on point and reminds me of high end cosmetics.

Avon One Great Mascara

Avon Pressed Powderย 


There are about 9 Lip colors you can choose from and one I bought is the P404 or the Coral fever which is the subtle ultra red lipstick.

Sorry for the low quality swatch!ย 

The color is a bit extreme form my usual pink but it’s not too loud as suppose to the very bright red lipstick in the market.What I like about these Matte lipstick is that it’s really moist on the lips, I don’t feel like it’s chopping or drying out so quickly, I love the balance of the matte texture and the smoothness of it. (if that makes sense) but it creates lip stains! oops

Would I buy another one?

Yes! would love to try the other colors and I see myself using this because of the smoothness and moisture I feel and most importantly I love the matte finish on my lips andย yet I don’t feel any dry texture.

If you want to have one and can’t find any “avon lady” you can just go to their website!


P.S. Not a sponsored post I just feel like blogging these because I was so excited to get my hands on one of these

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