OWN THOUGHTS: The Unwritten “Three Month Rule”

” Everyone that fell in love and got hurt should know the 3 moth rule”

Basically, the three month rule is a rule that prohibits yourself from dating or being back to the dating world, 3 months or more after your break to your previous partner.


  1. This is to also get yourself together, to love yourself back or to find yourself that maybe somehow got lost along the relationship.
  2. So that your next partner will not think that you’re using him to move on or the idea that you’re just in love with the concept that you have someone to love.
  3. AS A RESPECT. Well for me, now that I know he has a girl already it feels like “am I easily replaced like am just some kind of an ordinary girl”. At least when you break her heart give her at least the respect she deserves.


Well basically I only came across the “Three month rule” because of the movie “ONE MORE CHANCE”. If you haven’t watched it well you should.








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