OWN THOUGHTS: To my best friends

I realized that my two  of my previous post is about relationship specifically me being heart broken and all that shit. So today’s second post is an appreciation post to the two people I can’t live without and I would really put my life on the line for these two people who stuck with me through everything; my drama, my craziness, and my randomness.

Let me describe our friendship for you guys out there who is reading this.  Chelsea (feels weird saying her name tho) is my best friend since the day we became group mates in one of the activities in our Filipino class, ever since then we’ve become really super duper extra ultra mega close. We call each other “babe” I really don’t know why or how it all started, almost literally everyone knows that we call each other babe. We just love hanging out together talking about anything or anyone out of the blue. Well our frienship isn’t perfect may “tampuhan” days but it only last literally one subject or about an hour or so.

I really don’t have the right words to explain mine and RJ’s (Bay’s) friendship but what I can share is that he calls me Pika short for pikachu because well am bite sized haha meaning am small and I call him Bay, short for baymax because aside from he’s my personal health companion he is so fluffy and cute and all. Bay’s patience for me is unbelievable! One day I’ll just wake up having mood swings and be cold as heck to him but he’ll just shrug (Yess naman sa word na shrug)  it off and will understand me. Bay will tell me things honestly and I know that whatever he says is not sugar coated. Every girl deserves a man like him but I say no muna sa Girlfriend kasi ako muna. Charot! Haha. Kung papasa kayo sakin why not! Haha

DISCLAIMER: I love them both equally so babe I know you too well to know that you’ll say that you’re jealous of him. Haha.




Wow almost 5 years of friendship! So many things have changed but not our love for each other. Many boys have come and go but here we are still single. HAHAHA. I know one day that the “curse” will end and we’ll be both happy and do two couple stuff that we always see in movies.

Thank you babe for being there for me every SINGLE (haha sakit beh) time. I know I have told you many times (or not) that I love you more than I will always love a guy. Will always be grateful for the things you’ve done for me and literally wouldn’t be here anymore in the planet earth if it wasn’t for your love and support.

I will always be proud of you and will always be here to support you and to make sure na hindi ka kainin ng sistema.Haha. One day I know am really positive that our business plan will come to life, maybe not soon but one day.

hey you, don’t forget to be you okay? You is perfect in your own beautiful imperfection.





Not a good picture! Sorry! this is the only picture I got of us eh.


Wow I really don’t know what to say, I don’t want to be too dramatic but I know you’re used to it so you have no choice but to read this dramatic message. Haha. Thank you bay for always picking me up when am down as hell. I can always always count on you. It’s crazy but come to think of it, you became friends with me in one of the worst time ever in my life and it shows a lot from you that you saw more than my drama, that you stayed for me. Again! Thank you for your patience, I know I’m so makulit most of the time even though I know you’re busy as heck in your job.

Don’t forget that I will always be here for you, I maybe small but you know the things I can do for my best friends. Will be always proud and honored to be your bestie. Hahaha. Sorry for my mood swings, my drama, my kakulitan, my kapraningan but will never be sorry for being jealous to you know who. HAHAHA

One day I know bay that we’ll check some of the things in our bucket list and I really can’t wait for that. I really also can’t wait to see you be more successful and achieve your dreams. I promise to always always be here for you (I will be a libag that you can’t alis HAHAHA)


Pika ♥


If you’re reading this, tell your best friend who much you love and appreciate him/her or them!




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