Note to Self

Hi Roseanne!

If you’re reading this and you’re in love with someone don’t forget that you wrote this for yourself on the day you felt you got some things together and realize some things that you should never forget.

Never loose your craziness, your bubbly personality and your creativity. That’s what mainly Roseanne is composed of. Never let the guy your dating control you or in the moment of your relationship make you think twice of changing yourself for him.

Don’t forget to continue to love the things you love to do before he came. Don’t stop blogging because I know it helps you get through things. Don’t stop collecting make up! Go girl! Continue to complete your collection and do mini reviews. Still let your creative juices out. No one should stop you for doing what you love.

Don’t focus only on him. Remember what your past relationship did to you? You were completely devastated. Never let that happen again. Don’t make him your world. Let yourself grow too.

Don’t forget you have your best friends and friends too. Still let them part of your life. Don’t forget about them just because you are with someone.

Enjoy your life! If most of the time you’re stressed and frustrated tell yourself is it really worthy to hold on?

Take deep breaths. You know it’s all going to be okay. You’re stronger than what you think or what people seems to know.



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