Life Update-June 2016

Aha! Finally had the time to blog! I know I’ve been missing for weeks now and that’s because I was really busy with different things in my life. It was a crazy month! I don’t even know where to begin with but I promise to update more and share to you my life.



In case you didn’t know, I used to sell potted cacti and succulents until I had to stop the business because our house had to be renovated and had to help my mom around the house thus limiting my time to plant and to take care of them (because they really need a lot of attention and love).

Until I saw these two beauties!

I found this plant stand near a supermarket and I just wanted to take a look with really no intention of buying anything. But I saw these beauties kinda hidden at the back of the stand and immediately fell in love with them. I had to take them home no questions asked!

And the next day I planted them in a ceramic bowl because honestly It was hard to find a pot for their size!

Aside from that two beauties, I also brought two Cacti because I have two glass tea light candle holder all empty  in our house.

And these is what I came up with! This is my Korean Inspired like Terrarium!





I met this open mic artist a month a go and instantly became friends and I turned to one of his fans. His words hit my heart on point at times that makes me cringe. I offered to make him some one liner photos for him to post. Here are some..



My baby Thor got really sick one day, I thought it was just he was not in the mood or really tired until I noticed that he’s having a hard time peeing and slowly becoming very weak and I got really worried that time because I did my research and it says he might have a FLUTD or the Feline  Lower Urinary Tract Disease which should be treated immediately. Thor stayed in the vet for 3 days and the vet had to run two blood test and put a catheter on him. He’s now doing fine! The sweetest cat ever thou he has to drink 4 types of medicine twice  day.


Yup! I was also busy looking and applying for work. Wish I could have a regular work before the year-ends!

Not to mention I also cleaned my craft room which I will show it on the next post and also my Philippine Makeup drug store haul, so stay tuned for that!



P.S. It so good to be back to blogging!




One thought on “Life Update-June 2016

  1. I’m so happy to see you coping up with the challenges life throws at you.. You got this, babe! Please send my warmest regards and a huge “WELCOME BACK HOME!!” to Thor! You two are always thought of.

    “The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” ― Ben Okri

    Love, and for love,


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