Ever Bilena- My go to Make Up brand

First of all I didn’t post this to brag but to simply show you guys the make up I buy and hopefully one day I can review some of them(when time and high quality picture permits)

Ever Bilena is one of my most go to make up since (1) it is affordable since it’s a drug store make up (2) the quality of their product ain’t that bad, well it’s not the same quality of those high end brands (3) they have a growing product catalog. They are really trying their best to catch up to the latest thing in the beauty industry (4) did I mention they are really affordable! Ever Bilena is really perfect for those just starting to learn or do their make up! really really highly suggest this brand!

My Ever Bilena Product plus Fake Beauty Blender and Cheap Brush

A sneak peek of my upcoming review of the products!

In the picture we have lipsticks, eyebrow kit, Foundation, Eye shadow Pallet and the EB Advance Blush Duo (Blush and Contour pallet)

Ever Bilena’s product cost from Php75- 500Php or around $2-$8 so it’s really affordable specially for those starting with make up!

Please watch out for the product review and if you have suggestions of products to review let me know!

EVER BILENA FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/everbilenacosmetics

EVER BILENA WEBSITE : http://www.everbilena.com.ph/

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