Why I love Make Up

I grew up with so many insecurities that I forgot to love and accept myself ,then one day, I woke up and said “nope, not anymore” I threw away the meaning of social standards, I can’t conform anymore with society’s meaning of beautiful. In my own ways I know  I am beautiful, I may not be size 2 or 5’6 in height but in my own ways I know am gorgeous!

I started buying affordable make up products stating with my very first red lipstick!

And when I put it on, I felt like I could literally conquer the world with my ultra red lips!

And that’s the start of our love story. All I can think about is when am going to buy a new make up or be able to buy those high- end make up product.


Then I started searching make up tutorials and stumbled upon Patrick Starr. Nope! Not the best friend of Spongebob! but thee Filipino-American make up artist Patrick Starr! Patrick Starr is man who wears make up and rock it! Patrick promotes “MAKE UP IS ONE SIZE FITS ALL” and it all made sense! Make up is that one thing that everyone can wear regardless of anything! He did really inspired me to continue to learn about make up. And hopefully one day, I can inspire people to just be themselves.

When I got the hang of doing make up, well, somethings changed that family is not so happy about. And that is I take about an hour or so to finish dressing up! And I know they are not used to it especially because for the past 20 years I just go out with a bare face and now I take hours just finishing my make up! But hey it’s all worthy! Aside from that my family is very supportive of this new art I found.

And there were a lot of compliments from friends and family who sees me with my make up on and of course those who were shocked. I remember when I went out with my friends and I think that’s the first day I really went out with make up and they were like “where are you going” or something like that, because they were really not used to see me all dolled up.

I know there are people who hates girls wearing up and saying that it ain’t their natural look, hey you! it’s already 2016! better zip it.

Am not saying this to promote girls to wear make up but am writing this to hopefully let you understand girls who wear make up and just respect and support their decisions to do so.


Let’s all stop the shaming.  Go be yourself. Free yourself from all the insecurity. 






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