My Top 3 Favorite Youtubers

Hello! I’m back after about a week or so of being lazy!

For this post, as the title goes, I’ll tell you something about my favorite YouTubers!

Comment down below your favorite youTubers or if you have a youTube account so I can go subscribe!



Main Youtube Account: //

Vlog Youtube Account :

Filipino Beauty Youtuber and Vlogger, Ms. Anne’s very bubbly personality and her honest reviews keeps subscribers wanting for more videos and not to mention her (almost) daily vlogs that showcase her life both as a youtuber and a mom.

I don’t know how I stumble to her account but I remember the first thing I watched is her review on the Kylie Lip kits and the first thing I loved about her is that her honest reviews and since am also a Filipino, her thoughts are very applicable to every Filipino. Plus! Every product she mentions is in the description box with the link of the product which makes things very easy to find. Aside from that she is a vlogger, I appreciate her sharing her life to us subscribers and with the number of subs she’s getting now, she remains very humble.


Beauty Channel:

Vlog Channel:


A Filipino based in America Beauty Youtuber and Vlogger, Judy is one of the most consistent vlogger ever. She shares her life as a youtuber and mom to her twins and Juliana. Judy with over 1M subs reaches out also to the less fortunate ones by having an annual “Dancember” fund raising with the lead of her husband, Benji Travis.

I love Judy’s family! I feel like am also a part of their family. She vlogs everyday! I tell you she is the most consistent vlogger out there.I am more into her vlogs but what I like judy’s beauty channel is how diverse it is from drugs store make-ups to different beauty products in other countries.



Youtube Channel:

Michelle Dy is also a beauty youtuber and now also a vlogger. Michelle Dy has been featured in local news station for recreating different celebrity looks.

What I love about Michelle is that she is so creative, she can recreate different celebrity looks and she even has a “makeup serye” in which she changes her personality or acts in a different character to make tutorials.  She is indeed one of the most creative Filipino youtuber out there.

Edited. August 2018.

I am not a fan anymore of Michelle Dy after so many controversies that involves her bullying other youtuber, being not a good model for her younger audience and most importantly for SKIN SHAMMING! If you are curios about this issues just check out. And oh! The makeup serye that she was known for, guess what? SHE STOLE THAT IDEA FROM ANOTHER YOUTUBER THAT  TIME.



And those are my top 3 Favorite Youtubers which really inspires me to do blog and at the same time am learning different things about make up!

Thank you for reading my post! I promise to have at least one post per week.

Have a great week!


Roseanne ♥


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