Inside my Kikay Kit (Make Up bag)

Today’s post is as straight forward as the title is.

These are things you can see in my make up bag  this month.

I shall tell you guys why I love the product so you can also try them!



MAKE UP BAG: The bag is from SM Department store and it only cost 100Php or $2. I love the simplicity of the design and how cheap it is!

CLEAN & CLEAR OIL CONTROL FILM: My ultimate favorite oil control film! Since I have oily skin it is a must that I have these wherever I go. Plus I love its grapefruit scent. Each pack contains 50 sheets

Won't Clog Pores
Instantly removes excess oil and removes oily shine
Invigorating fragrance
refreshes skin

MAYBELLINE BABY SKIN PORE ERASER : My new favorite! I really love its powder finish on my skin and definitely can be used as a primer!

Poreless Smooth skin

EB ADVANCE MATIC LIPSTICK (SAHARA SUNSET): What I love about this lipstick is that the nude shade of it and how easy it is to give pigment or color to your lips.

THE BODY SHOP STRAWBERRY HAND CREAM: I tend to have dry hands over time and it irritates me so much especially when am out so I always bring my hand cream. It smells like real strawberry and it really does moisturize my hands.

EB POWDER FOUNDATION (LIGHT NATURAL): This is my go-to powder everyday. It gives me enough coverage.

MACAROON LIP BALM: Got to be honest, bought because it’s way too cute not to buy! am not to picky when it comes to lip balms so this one is just okay for me.

EB PERFECT EYE CONCEALER: Have to always hide my dark eyes. This is really handy and it’s just perfect to easily apply in the eyes.

And those are the things inside my Make up bag!

Noticed that I don’t have anything for my brows? Well. Am working on it. I just don’t care that much when it comes to eyes and brows since I wear glasses. 

Thank you so much for reading or just browsing this post!

Have a great week!


Roseanne ♥



3 thoughts on “Inside my Kikay Kit (Make Up bag)

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    1. Hey Liezel! Everbilena is really putting their A-game on their Matte Lipsticks! You should definitely try them!


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