OWN THOUGHTS: Fake Cosmetics

Many people think that buying a fake product is harmless, but counterfeiting is estimated to result in annual losses of over $20 billion dollars to American companies.

Tory Burch

Okay, Here I go.

I do believe that the make up industry is in a new entire level now. We can now have good quality cosmetics at reasonable price  and everyone can have an easy access to getting one because of online shopping.

Now, here is my problem, I can see many online seller stating that product is “SG Authentic” and it’s 100% safe and their price is really 90% cheaper than the original. Who wouldn’t buy a Kylie lipstick for $2 right?

Reasons why I am so affected by these “SG Authentic” products sprouting everywhere on online shops:

  1. Health Concern:  We put our make up on our face, and some of those “SG Authentic” doesn’t have proper packaging which should contain the ingredients of the product. We really don’t know what chemicals were used to manufacture that and also how that product was produced. If ever, you got an allergic reaction or something really bad happened when you applied that product, who are you going to sue or to ask for assistance. You did saved a lot of money to buy that product but what you saved might not compensate the cost of your hospital bill
  2. Killing the brand: If we continue to support fake make up products, there might come a time that our favorite brand company might just have to close down. who knows right?

Easy access to these products plus its very cheap price is a really a danger. Teens can get their hands on these products and might have serious allergic reaction especially those products we apply on our eyes and lips.

I personally think it is 100% safer and okay to buy drug store make up! Some drug store make up are actually better than those higher end make up.

I again personally think that some people buy these fake products because of the name and want to show of. Even if you only buy it for display purposes, you are still supporting that market and slowly killing make up companies.

There is only 2 kinds of make up. Real or Fake. There is no such thing as SG Authentic. Let’s stop buying fake products in particular and just support small or local brands.

I don’t really mean to offend anyone, in particular sellers and users.

These are just my OWN opinion.

Have a great day! 

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Roseanne ❤




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