Bobbie Cosmetics; Into the Nude eye shadow palette Review and Swatches

My review are purely base on my experience on the product.Product review are not sponsored unless otherwise stated. Products that works for me might not work for you, it is important that you also research the product. 

I love exploring the beauty section of a supermarket because I know I can definitely stumble upon  a new product from drug store make up. In this case, I stumble upon BOBBI COSMETICS.

Bobbi cosmetics has also a wide array of make up products such as press powder and eye products, but what really caught my attention is their eye shadow pallet

IMG_0476.JPGThe eyeshadow pallet cost 215PHP or around $4. Cheap right? Well maybe that’s because the container or packaging itself is made out of, I would say cheap cardboard and plastic only. How come I said it was cheap? Well because I can already see some dents and peel off on my own pallet even though I Just used it twice.

The pallet is a mixed of satin and shimmer, and matte colors. This specific pallet is perfect for both daytime and night time look because it contains both light and dark colors.

IMG_0465 (1)IMG_0466IMG_0468

The whole pallet has a lot of product fall outs especially when you use a brush to get the product and not your fingers.
In terms of pigmentation, the product has a good color pay-off but not really that pigmented which is great for beginners because they can easily control the colors. But if you really want that intense colors you can put some primer to really show off those colors.



PRICE: Very affordable.With the number of colors it comes with, you can definitely go for different looks with the pallet. But with that price, expect that you’re not going to get a naked pallet quality packaging.
PIGMENTATION: Not highly pigmented which is great for beginners because they can easily control it.                                                                                                                                     OTHERS: Product has so many fall outs when you use a brush.

A good find. A good eye shadow for beginners who wants to practice experimenting with eye shadows and colors. 


And that’s all for this eye shadow review!

Hope you liked it and was helpful!!

Until the next post loves.


Roseanne ❤

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