OWN THOUGHTS: Is it Fake? Did the FDA tested a fake product?

Writing this post because I was alarmed by the new release of  “Public Health Warning Against the Use of Unnotified Cosmetic Products” by the food and drug administration Philippines.


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In my previous post, I did express myself for how much fake products are  circulating in the public market and how dangerous it is.

On November 2, 2016, a news article released by Abs-cbn , said that the Food and Drug Administration Philippines (FDA), warned the public about certain cosmetics that has not been inspected for safety regulations.


As you scroll the list, you’ll be surprised to see brands such as

  • Urban Decay
  • Max Factor
  • Etude House


So I was wondering, how come these products were on the list? These products are really known to be patronized by make up artists.I really did gave the benefit of the doubt in FDA, maybe there are really certain products that has not been registered.

And then Etude House Philippines  released a statement regarding this issue on their Facebook account:

“In line with the recent article published on ABS-CBN News website last November 2, 2016 regarding FDA warning the public against buying cosmetic goods that have not been inspected for compliance with their safety standards, we urge the public to be extra vigilant in buying fake products and to only purchase in authorized Etude House boutiques and retail department store kiosks. We DO NOT have any authorized online re-sellers and are not in any way connected to them. Anything bought outside of our boutiques, their authenticity and/or genuineness of the product cannot be guaranteed.

Buying counterfeit items can be dangerous because of the harmful effects of some undeclared ingredients, which can cause adverse reactions to your skin and overall health. Etude House is an advocate of safe and effective cosmetic use and we hope the avid followers of our brand will help us spread the word.



And there is also a public post by the FDA Philippines 



**FDA was the first to release the post on their Facebook account and then later on the statement of Etude house was released.

On FDA’s post, they also included the link of their report with the picture of the product they tested. You be the judge.

etude fake.jpg


Original Product

From the packaging, you can easily see that the product they tested is not what the original cream looks like.

At this moment, FDA has not released a new statement regarding this issue.

I think that the FDA should release a new statement regarding this issue. They should really specify where these products are from. They should have done proper research about the product. This statement is very alarming especially to those who really patronize said brands.

Thou I really appreciate the statement as a consumer because at least I know they are out there testing products but then again, I believe the ones they tested were not the original ones base on the picture and the credibility of the said brands. (but then again, I could be wrong)

I feel for those companies mentioned. As an entrepreneur, I know how much damage it may cause them especially in terms of credibility

Edit: Someone said that the statement was about the product being registered, not about the chemicals or ingredients of the cosmetics.  Even so, the products they tested of being “unnotified” are not the original product. Whether it’s about the ingredients, the import duties or what, as a government agency, they should have tested the original ones or the product from the boutique.

Edit: Etude House’s Facebook is, I would say, bombarded with comments asking if the news is true. And in a response to that, Etude’s reply to one of the comment:


This  post was created to support my own advocacy to stop purchasing fake products.


I am not bad mouthing the said agency, I just want the truth and I can only get that when they release a detailed report about this.


Roseanne ❤

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