Roseanne’s Tips: Online Shopping

I love shopping online. It’s so easy and hassle free (sometimes). If you are new to online shopping maybe my tips can help you enjoy it as much as I do!



Just like when you are Physically Shopping, it is better that you also canvass first. Some website or online stores sells cheaper than the other.If you are interested on shopping online via Instagram, you can easily search for the items you are looking for by using hashtags(#).


If it is too good to be true, doubt it. There are now many shops who sell fake products and will really let you believe that it’s the real thing. If you see shops selling high end products for a very cheap price, there’s a high chance that’s really fake (unless of course it is on sale).

It is also important that the shop has  feed backs. Some websites do have a “review” section, might as well check that out or visit their other social media.

I personally check the photos of the shop, if the photos are grabbed from other shops and doesn’t have credits or not authorized to use it, I doubt that they are a legitimate shop.


If you’ve already talked to the seller and don’t have the confidence in sharing your information, you have the right to not proceed with your orders. Some sellers do require you to even send down payment for items that are not on hand.

Online shopping should be hassle free. Enjoy the advantage of technology but still be vigilant.

And that’s all for my tips!

If you have other tips, please comment down below.

Let’s have a safe and fun online shopping experience


Roseanne ❤


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