Roseanne’s Diary: How I spent my all saints day

Hi guys!

This is how I spent my all saints day this year.

I would like to share to you my day and how our family celebrates it. 

We all have different ways of spending our all saints day. For most of us Filipinos, we spend it by visiting our departed ones. For us, we go to 3 different cemetery and lighting candles and offering flowers plus we get to spend time with other relatives that we often get to see.

On October 31, we already went to Calamba Laguna to visit the cemetery of my sister’s dad. On our way, we stopped over a Korean Restaurant, which I wouldn’t recommend you guys to try. Poor service and not really a good value for your money.img_0564img_0565img_0566img_0567


Right after, we went to the cemetery . It was a crazy walk to go to the cemetery, there were really a lot of people and food stands. It was really crazy but we made it!!


The next day, we went to back to Sta. Rosa Laguna and went to my dad’s side of parents. My grandparents.


And went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. I love miso soup! Someone please supply me a  lifetime supply of miso soup!



After lunch, we went home for a much needed nap because in the evening we will visit another cemetery, this time, my mom’s side of the family.


With a special apperance of Hobi! My cousin’s dog. Isn’t he so cute!



It was a crazy, tiring but super fun two days!

Thank you guys for visiting my blog!


Roseanne ❤


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