Roseanne’s Find: Mirror with Light

Every make up artist or Make up lover needs the perfect mirror and lighting!

This post is about some great finds at Lazada for that perfect mirror with lighting!



1.SELFIE LIGHT- Who doesn’t want that perfect lighting on your selfies?! Selfie light is perfect for anyone especially those who loves taking selfie! It also comes in other colors.

Where to Buy:

2. LED Compact Mirror – Perfect for any girl who loves make up! This Mirror can give you that perfect lighting. Plus it is compact and it is battery operated!

Where to Buy:

3. LED Mirror and Desk Lamp – Another Mirror with Light but this time it can also be a lamp!

Where to buy:

4. Folding Mirror with LED-What’s great about this is that you can magnify any specific part of your face! Perfect for doing your eyes.

Where to buy:

There are many more Mirror with LED Light available in Lazada, but these 4 are my favorites and definitely would buy one soon! I believe that it is important to have that perfect lighting when doing our make up to give that more of a very polish look.

And that is it for this post!

If you know other more great Mirror with LED light please comment done! 

And what do you think should I buy? 




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