LET’S GO TO: Paete Laguna

Hello Guys!

I’ve been MIA on my blog for a week now.

But today’s post is about our trip to Paete and Liliw Laguna!

We really did plan this trip to buy some Christmas decors in Paete. Paete Laguna is really known for their hand carved products and even paper machetes. But we also did a side trip to Liliw Laguna, a town known for their very affordable yet high quality shoes and will have a blog post about it tomorrow!

It was really a long drive that’s why we left our homes early. Expect a bit of traffic from town to town especially in Los Banos, but aside from that, it was really an easy drive.


When you finally reach Paete, you could ask around people (they are very welcoming and helpful) where their church is. It is where most of the shops are.

IMG_0887IMG_0889 (1)


From the church, you could easily see shops with Christmas decors display and house turned into shops. There is a street full of shops so you really have a lot of choices!

I do believe that the shop doesn’t have a name so I can’t really specify to you which shop these photos are.



They have different home decors too! Christmas decors and home decors are available in different materials such as Resin, Wood carved and fiber Glass.



There were a lot of awesome shops but what we really loved is this one shop that has everything we needed. From A nativity set, to different Santas and figurines for a Christmas village.



I would really recommend this shop! Grace, the one who assisted us was very accommodating! She even gives a huge discount from what we bought from their shop. Don’t hesitate to ask Grace for discounts! She’s really awesome! Made the shopping more fun for us though we left their store broke, from all the shopping we did!

Even though it was a long drive, going to Paete was really worthy! We found a lot of things that we know huge malls don’t carry. There were a lot of unique pieces and at an affordable price.

It is also wonderful to support local stores rather than going to huge malls with a lot of people plus you can haggle a bit to fit in your budget.

Christmas is coming! And it makes me all giddy to see house decorated with different festive things.

Oh! If you want to know more about Paete you can go visit: https://discoveringpaete.wordpress.com/

If you are planning to go there, please do! 

I promise it’s really worthy

If you have questions on how to get there and other please don’t hesitate to ask me, will be more than happy to help you!

Christmas is most diffidently more fun if you go to Paete Laguna!




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