I am Bamboo Fibre Cup


Long time no blog post!

Before 2017 ends, I want to post this new great find. One of my faves this year.

One of my favorite finds this year is the I AM BAMBOO FIBRE CUP which is now available in the Philippines! (Thou am not 100% sure if this is the first time the cup landed here but certainly my first time to see this)

The bamboo Fibre Cup is a great way to reduce the use of plastic cups and am so happy that it comes in so many colorful and fun designs.


I AM Bamboo Fiber CUP

The cup body made of bamboo fiber.
Food grade silicone cup holder & cup cover
Use 3 years, can be degraded, conforms to the environmental protection idea ,good for earth
Unique colors and patterns, there is always a suitable for you

Adopt the EU certification by SGS
Safe and suitable for baby


Natural bamboo fiber raw materials
Colorful patterns and designs
Exquisite craft

Add happiness to our daily life, with a colorful color and pattern

It’s nice to have an on the go cup for everyday use plus it’s a great reminder to use eco-friendly product.Certainly, there is a cup for you; for it comes in so many designs and colors. Such a perfect gift for any occasion!


I really didn’t pass the opportunity when I finally saw this cup at  Ayala Solenad, before that, I only get to see these cups at their social media account.

It was so hard for me to pick out one cup for I want everything! but I ended up buying the cup with the teal lid with a Japanese inspired  design.

Tadah tadah! Here comes my raw-unedited flat lay (My PS keeps acting up and crashing and am too excited to post this before the year end so excuse the poor lighting and all)



Tbh, I rarely drink any hot drink am more like of a frappe or an iced kind of girl but buying this keep inspired me too drink hot tea every after meal. I just freaking want to use this cup because it’s too adorable.

For anyone who wants one or have any inquiries about the product you may contact I AM BAMBOO FIBRE CUP-PHILIPPINES at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/IAMBAMBOOFIBRE

Instagram: @iambamboofibre

Contact Number: 0908 860 6753

See! I told you, it’s such a great find this year!

Hope you guys also support eco-friendly products and local entrepreneurs. 

Have good New year’s eve!


Roseanne ❤

*Not a  sponsored post

2 thoughts on “I am Bamboo Fibre Cup

    1. Hi Haze! If I can remember correctly it’s around Php 350-400.

      Thank you for dropping by! If you have other questions you can send me a message on Instagram— @heyitsmeroseanne


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