What I got for Christmas


Been contemplating whether to upload this blog because

1.) Not satisfied with my Photo shoot and Editing

2.) This might come as to bragging which I am TOTALLY NOT doing 

anyways! Here it goes! Didn’t want to waste my effort and such so here it is


Seize the Day.png

It’s been a fun filled holidays for me! (I hope you guys also enjoy your holidays!) Like any typically Filipino gathering celebration, there were lots and lots of food and gifts! And this year am so blessed to receive so much gift from friends and relatives. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GIFTS!)

The first thing am going to show you is a collection of wallet and pouches I got. Is it a sign that I should be more organize in terms of handling my money? Haha. Yeah kinda feel bad about it and I hope I can change it this year!!



  • Purple Pouch from Chelsea and Keith! Really useful for my make up!
  • A brown wallet from Ninang Olive.
  • A very slim and simple Blue wallet from Tita Vhi
  • Green Floral Pouch from Nanay Fara


  • Compact Mirror with LED light from Aileen in our exchange gift! Yesss! Really wanted this so badly and am glad she gave me this one! Thanks Leen!
  • 100 Days Project planner for Hazel which am still contemplating which project I should do this year. What do you think guyssss?



Suesh Make up tools from Ate!

  • Lip and Eye make up remover
  • Sponge and Brush Shampoo
  • 99% Alcohol
  • Brush Shampoo
  • Egg Brush



A Bunch of Make up!

  • Naked Brushes from Ninang Olive
  • BYS Matte eyeshados from Ninang Olive again!
  • Elf foundation from Ate!
  • Maybelline Contour and Highlight stick from Ate Again
  • Nichido Brushes from Ninang Olive yet again!

And here comes my favorite gift which is from my parents!!



Tadah! A Train Case with Vanity Mirror from Suesh! Got really surprised when I got this because I was just hoping and wishing for a simple make up case but they got me a 10x better case! Thanks mom and dad!

And that is it for my “What I got for Christmas”! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!


Roseanne ❤


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