Life Update -January 2017


Welcome back to my blog!

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or if you are already subscribed, thank you and sorry for being MIA but here I am again for another post and this time some life update!

It’s my birthday month and it’s been kinda crazy; to be honest. Lot of new memories and exciting ventures of this year!

This is just the summary of how I spent my birthday month. ❤

Seize the Day (1).png


January 1 – We spent our New years at our Grand parent’s house like we always do. Since this is a Filipino gathering, there should be a lot of food till we raise the white flag. It was really nice to spend this day with my relatives. I always find joy in catching up with my cousins and in general spend time with family. And during dinner time, we had some Korean food.



January 8– Got to spend time with my best friend, Chelsea and shaun. Had a great time catching up with them while having milk tea. But actually, the main reason we had to meet is to talk about some business matters, matters I can’t discuss in this blog right now, for I am afraid to Jinx everything. But it’s really something I am excited to work on!!

January 14– Spend this day with my sister!  Just went with her in SM to buy ONE shoes but we ended up buying at 5 different stores. We never resist sales! HELP! Had fun hanging out with my ate. (Ewww please don’t tell her) She even got me some stuff at Etude house and I shall post a mini haul and first impression review on the products we bought at Etude House.

January 15- This is such a memorable day! My friends surprised me an early birthday celebration. I was really touched! Never expected it and am just super super thankful for the effort and love!! Shout out to Chelsea, Aileen, Shaun, Keith, Ralph and Clyde.



January 18 – Happy Birthday to me!! My day started super early at around 5am! Went to our town plaza to cover the Skihayan Festival! It’s so fun celebrating my birthday, the same day our town celebrates its achievement and people. I was there until only around 1oam for I have to celebrate my lunch with my family!

I only had one request and that’s to eat at Yellow Cab! (Just thinking about yellow cab makes me want a slice of pizza) . I’ve been craving for it for sooo long and it’s all worthy. We had desserts at Cafe Briton and I ordered their Crepes and it was the bomb!! Their crepes are so fresh and the fillings are just perfect.


Went home in the afternoon to take a nap and woke up around 7pm and something really amazing happened. I don’t want to jinx it again so I won’t share anything more at this point.



At around 8pm had dinner (almost reaching food coma at this point) with the family. Food for that night was chicken and the ever so present at birthdays, Pancit. and ended the night with some tea.

January 22- My aunt treated me to a post birthday celebration at Vista Mall at our now favorite restaurant, Extremely Espresso. Right after, we did a bit of window shopping at All Home. Can I just please share with you guys how much I love looking at home decors. Such a happy place for me!



And for the most part of January, I was binge watching some Kdramas such as weightlifting Fairy and Legend of the blue sea. No shame.

And that’s it for this post! Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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Roseanne ❤ 


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