Review: Skin Potions ( Serum. Soap. Mist)


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I am really determined to focus on my Skin care this year, so am really trying out different skin care products. Skin Potion is new to me, I only knew about them when we went to the Noel Bazaar last November.

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Skin Potion Salon and Facial Care is a local Philippine brand from Cavite. Their products vary from soaps, serums, mist and even lip balms; basically anything you can apply to your face.

During the bazaar, they were actually having a sale which really convinced me to try out their product.( HELLO SALE IS LIFE )

Lazada Philippines


“An Organic Serum that can shrink pores,tightens skin,reduce oiliness. Makes skin glowing and Pinkish”


I use this serum twice a day. I use this after taking a bath in the morning and before going to bed in the evening.

It comes with a pump and is 30mL for the cost of Php 280.00 each. I ended up using one bottle for a month.

Lazada Philippines

I am in love with this serum. It did really made my pores less visible and I can feel that my face is firm.I really think this is a very effective product especially for  oily skin types because before I used this product, within just hours I can feel how oily my face is but after constantly using this, it did help my face to be less oily over hours and I can seriously see the difference of my pores before and after even just feeling my cheek bone area; which is my problematic are for it has some visible pores.



I only using this mist whenever I feel any dryness on my face. 2 spritz of the product and you’re good to good.

It comes with a spray bottle with 50mL of the product.

What I love about about this is that it’s so refreshing and has a relaxing scent. You can instantly feel that your face is moisturize.

Lazada Philippines


Aside from the oiliness, I am also prone no acne and when I was there at their Noel Bazaar, the saleslady recommended this soap and I regret nothing.

I use this twice a day, in the morning and in the evening; Just like what I do with the tomato serum.

Lazada Philippines

The soap is square shaped wrapped in cling wrap  with literally a scent of apple pie but it is not over powering but not a fan of the holes on the side of the soap.

I did cut the soap into fours knowing that some soaps tends to dissolve quickly but this soap doesn’t.


The soap doesn’t also make your face  too dry and with regards to acne, I have noticed that I rarely have pimples and if I do, I can disappears quit quickly. I think that this soap is more effective on my skin rather than those known facial wash.

Lazada Philippines


I love the products I bought and tried from Skin Potions. No sugar coating on this review and THIS IS NOT SPONSORED so everything I have written is my honest to goodness thoughts.  Let me also credit their very cute packaging.  I wish they could have more physical stalls especially here down south but for now, I guess I’ll be ordering more of my serums and soaps from their online shop.

I would definitely try other products from them given how effective the products I’ve tried. It’s so refreshing to see these local products/brand in the beauty industry and I wish we could support local entrepreneurs as well.




Contact Number: 09266408874


And that is it for my Skin Potion Review!

Hope you guys enjoyed it and helped you in some ways


Roseanne ❤

Roseanne’s review is not sponsored unless otherwise stated.Products that Roseanne love and is effective to her may not have the same effect to everyone given that we all have different skin types




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