Story Time: Ended up buying FAKE MAKE UP

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I have always stated my thoughts regarding fake up and have put down my foot regarding purchasing those things. I have already posted two blog post regarding this issue. (Blog post 1 and Blog post 2) and now I feel stupid for I didn’t follow my own rule and P.S this is a long over due post.

5 (2).png


On the night of , I was browing thru my Instagram feed and came upon this post saying they were having a sale of buy any two lipstick for only Php 300.00 or around $6.0. Who would pass that deal, right?!

I sent the shop a message inquiring about the promo and the prices of the other product and was really surprised how cheap they were and deep inside I was just really thinking that maybe she has a supplier that actually provides her a really affordable make up.Eventually, I couldn’t past their great prices so I ended up not only buying a lipstick but also a bronzer and benefit set.



But before I could finalize my order I already asked her if the products were authentic given how cheap they were.


And my bill was 1/4 of what I would have to pay if I will buy that at their actual store


The next day, I paid my bill and again ask her if it is indeed 100% Authentic



I was so disappointed at this shop but more disappointed on myself for being so stupid. Like c’mon how did I believed her that given it was priced like that.

My order arrived and I was yet again disappointed (like c’mon what was I expecting, a good quality make up haha)





Huda Lipstick In Red/ Dose in Pink

The Huda Lipstick has a very foul smell.  The dose was okay but still afraid to try them on on my lips.

Fake Hola


No pigmentation for the bronzer.


Products are too watery


I think I don’t have to reiterate how dangerous fake make up is to our skin so I won’t explain further more on why I don’t like buying and using them.

In my defense, I did asked the seller if it was authentic, and for me, authentic means it’s from the maker of the product or from it’s official website. She could have told me the first time I asked her that it’s just SG Authentic.

You can’t immediately tell on her shop’s feed that she was selling fake makeup because it was beautifully photograph into flay-lays which is not very common to sellers of fake make up who usually just take pictures of every product they have in  huge quantity.

I was stupid enough to believe that with the price, I was getting the real deal. In buying make up online, If the price is too good to be true, probably it’s fake.

I am not judging anyone who uses and buy fake make up. But what I hate is sellers not specifically saying if it is SG Authentic or  REALLY REALLY AUTHENTIC.

Let this be a lesson to everyone buying and selling online. Let’s all be fair and transparent. In this story, I think both of us did wrong.

And that it is for today’s blog!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and be safe in buying online! 


Roseanne ❤

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