Suesh Haul and Pure products Review

Back at it again with another haul slash review, and this time, it’s my Suesh Haul. For those who are not familiar, Suesh is a Japanese brand that has a huge variety of makeup tools, vanity cases, and even offers makeup classes.

Let’s start with their make up tool cleansers


“Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing make-up brushes, tools, and airbrush gun”

Directions: Spray directly on brushes, makeup tools and airbrush gun


I spray this on my brushes before using it to disinfect them. It comes with a handy spray bottle so it’s easy to spritz it on any makeup tool.


Directions: Soak Cotton and gently place on eyes or lips for 15 seconds. Gently wipe off after.


I love this lip and eye make up remover! I usually wear matte lipstick and sometimes it’s just so hard to really remove every residue but with this remover, it comes out easily and makes your lips moisturize after. It does not have any drying effect and plus it easily removes any glitter or shimmer on my eyes whenever I use eye shadows with glitters. If you are really looking for an effective waterproof eye makeup remover, you should definitely try this out.


“Powerful cleansing and disinfecting of sponges and brushes”


This is what really keeps my brush and sponge clean. Before I got these, I use just a regular antibacterial soap but it does. I use an egg makeup remover tool wherein I just scrub my brushes to its line to really get into the bristles. This also has a lemon-ish smell which I love.


( Forgot to take an individual picture of the egg brush cleaner and the brush shampoo)

IMG_7771 (2).JPG

I use the brush shampoo after using the Sponge and brush cleaner, the shampoo makes the brushes soft. Before I got these, I use just a regular soap which really turns the hair of the brushes stiff. I soak my brushes and sponges in water with a couple of pumps of the shampoo.


IMG_7772IMG_7776 (2)IMG_7820IMG_7821IMG_7822IMG_7822

Suesh has a wide range of vanity cases. I really think that they have the best line of Vanity and train case for beginners to professionals. I am in love with my case!! What I love about these is that they have adjustable dividers so you can easily arrange your makeups. The case also has a clear glass case that is adjustable and has a lock on it. What I put on there are the bulbs and the chord for the lights which I wish is longer because I don’t have a permanent vanity area.

The case also has a lock and comes of course with its key plus when you buy these it comes with 5 light bulbs. 2 orange and 3 white. What I learned from a different makeup artist is to balance out the lights so it’s not too harsh.


I love Suesh and now that they have a kiosk near our place it makes it easier for me to spend my money on them. Hahah. Kidding aside. Suesh Make up tool kit is really an awesome brand which carries different products that beginners and professional may need. I think that their prices are also very reasonable. My cleaners range from 200-350 which is soooo affordable given the quality.

The vanity case is also reasonable given the quality. It’s really sturdy. I have yet to try Suesh’s other products such as their different pan of concealer and lipstick but overall I love this brand!

Suesh, if you’re reading please have a workshop at Vista Mall Sta. Rosa Laguna. Hahah!

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