Home Decor Tips & DIY: Cacti and Air plant

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So for this post, I’ll be sharing to you my basic knowledge about cactus and air plant base on experience and various research. Plus! A DIY on those babies so that they can look super adorable on your room.


Cactus is a kind of plant that specializes on hot or dry climate while air plants are those who thrives even without soil. These two are commonly use as house plant for it is low maintenance.

Both are flowering plants so if you’re worried about it looking just dull, you could just pick a cactus or an air plant that is already flowering. But do note that when an Air Plant has already a flower, it means that it is nearing it’s end or already in the mature stage. So it is advisable that when you pick an air plant, ask the seller if it has already blossom or not for an air plant that hasn’t flowered yet, will live longer.

Important thing to note before planting your own cacti and air plant:

Cactus needs proper drainage. There are a lot of sellers nowadays that sells potted cactus in adorable ceramic pots or vase but doesn’t have holes on the bottom which is very important for the cactus not to drown especially when we tend to over water it.

Air Plants thrives in sunlight.Air plants can live without soil but needs adequate sun light. At home, indirect sunlight from a window or such is perfect for any air plant.

Here is what I did for my newly bought air plant and Cacti

Air Plant





Things I used:

  • Tea Light candle holder
  • Pebbles
  • Air Plant

If you are from the Philippines, you can find those tea light candle holder in glass from OUR HOME. Brought it for Php 250.00 each.

What I did:

  • Soak the bottom of the air plant in a water for at least 24 hrs before transferring it to your glass
  • Line the bottom of the Tea light candle holder with pebbles. This is for my aesthetic purpose only. Literally you can put your air plant anywhere there is a hole and it can fit
  • Then I put my air plant inside the tea light candle holder

Simple as that! And it really can make a huge difference on a blank wall or shelf.

For the maintenance of the air plant you can remove the plant from it’s container at least once in a week and then let it sit in a water for a day. You should always remember that it loves indirect sunlight so if your chosen place doesn’t give enough sunlight, move it in the morning for it absorb the sun.







Things I used:

  • Plastic Pots
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Pebbles
  • Cactus

What I did is, I painted the pots for it not to look so boring.





For those who really want their cactus in a ceramic pot or any other container that you can’t drill a hole into, what you can do is line the first layer with pebbles and then after a month you MUST transfer it into a pot with proper drainage for it to live.


What I did:

  • Line my pots with pebbles for better drainage
  • Fill up with soil
  • Put the beautiful cactus to its new home
  • Then put some pebbles on top to cover the soilIMG_7914.JPGIMG_7917.JPGIMG_7898.JPG



For the maintenance of the cactus, when the soil is dry that’s the only time that you can spray some water directly on the soil.

It is so fun to plant and to decorate the pots of your own cactus and air plant. Aside from it’s fulfilling to plant your cactus it is also special when you give these as presents! This is a wonderful gift idea and it is really affordable.


And that it is for today’s blog!
Hope you guys enjoyed reading it.
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