Home Decor Tips and DIY: The Magic of B.O. P (Book. Object. Picture)

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Welcome back to a another series of my Home Decor Tips and DIY segment here on my blog! For this post, I will share to you guys the magic of B.O.P (Books. Object. Pictures)that will make your boring shelf look something right out from a home and lifestyle magazine!

Cacti (2).png


At home, we have some shelves in the living room and it’s really a focal point especially when watching on the television. I always have wanted to organize it and finally had the time to do it. And I’m here to share to you guys some simple ways to make your shelves look more organize.

SELECT A THEME. The first thing I did was to think of what theme I want for the shelves. This is important especially when you gather your decors. For our theme, what I chose are pastel colored objects. I would have added more colors but I just decided to stick to what we have lying on the house which is things of blues and pinks.

Luckily, my sister is a book worm so we have enough  books to choose from, but it was a bit difficult finding a pink covered book.If you don’t have books suited for your theme, you could pick up some old books in a book sale.


My objects is a mix and match of fake flower, real plants and even a desk clock. All in the scheme of pinks and blues. You could put whatever you want lying on your house. Some souvenirs from your last travel, some antiques or hand me downs; basically anything you want to display.

For the pictures, we have some light blue frames which fitted perfectly to my theme and bought these frames with quotes a long time ago in SM department store. So basically, pictures doesn’t really mean a photo. I could also be a painting or what we have which is a framed quote.



B.O.P (Book. Object. Picture). Base on your theme, gather some books, objects and pictures. The B.O.P technique is what you’ll commonly see in an interior decorated house.

For this shelf, what I did is to put two books vertically and place a potted cactus on top of it. I decided to do that to put some height, or else, the shelf will just look flat. Then added a picture and another object just to balance everything and also to maximize the space.



For this shelf, I decided not to put any book because I already put a large object which is the cactus. Just to give it a color, I decided to put that blue mug thingy and lastly, put a quoted frame on the side.



For this shelf, again, there is no book because it will look too crowded. I just put a fake hydrangea, a bike, the framed quote, and my air plant.



This shelf is a good example of the B.O.P technique.  I placed 2 books horizontally and 2 books vertically and put the fake hydrangea on top for some height and a medium sized frame. Since it’s already colorful, a clear glass with my air plant is enough to finish this section.


For this shelf, another fake hydrangea is placed on top of books. A frame on the middle and another object on the side which is an empty bird cage decor piece.


And lastly, the middle shelf contains a fake potted flower, a framed picture in the middle and a pink snow globe. Simple as that.


When decorating, it’s nice to stand back and look at it from a far because sometimes we can over decorate it and might look so crowded. It is also good to have options of other things or objects to place just in case it doesn’t look good.IMG_7948.JPG



Overall, I think your only limit to decorating is your creativity. Just do what you think looks good and will represent your design. It may be also helpful to look at a magazine or pinterest for some ideas.

And that it is for today’s blog!

Hope you learned a thing or two that might help you next time you decorate!

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Roseanne ❤

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