How I clean my make up brush

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This blog is dedicated to my make up brush! I want to show you guys how I clean them because a clean brush is a clean face!


I have been using my Suesh Pure Sponge and Brush cleanser and the Suesh Pure Brush Shampoo ever since I got them. Before, I was just using a regular anti-bacterial soap, it works but it makes the hair of the brushes stiff.

What I like about the Suesh Pure Cleanser and shampoo is that it really cleans through the hair of the brush and the makes it soft plus it’s really affordable!




Aside from the cleanser and shampoo, I also use my egg brush which I also bought from Suesh.



The first I do is to soak my brushes in water.



Then I use my Cleanser for each of my brushes



I put a small amount of the cleanser to directly to the egg brush



And I just rub the brushes to the egg brush. Each one of them! And I put a small amount of cleanser when ever needed




By the end of that step, my sink is just full of make up residue mostly from foundation since I use my paddle brush for my foundation



After that, I thoroughly rinse each brush and squeeze the hair to get rid of any remaining make up residue




Next step for me is to soak yet again the brushes in the Suesh Brush shampoo. This is makes the hair of the brushes so soft



Then the last step is to dry the brushes. I just lay them in a rug and at times wipe the brushes on it just to check of there are still remaining residue.





and that’s how I clean my brushes! I clean my brushes at least twice a month with the same process and product for cleaning.

btw, Shout out to my mom for helping me with the shoot! ❤

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