How I take and edit my photos- Overexposed background;clear subject using VSCO App

I finally got it! After months of literally trying to figure out what I want my Instagram feed to look like, I have finally found my own formula.


I now rarely use my phone for taking pictures for my blog and Instagram because I’m not happy with the quality since I’m just using an Iphone 4s. So what I use now is our 6-year-old Canon camera. The only thing that I am not happy about it, is that I have to transfer the photos to my laptop and then to my phone. But the quality is great so I don’t mind that too much now since also I’m used to it.

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past months, well, you might have noticed that I’ve been using a white cloth and my pink and blue cloth. Whenever I do my flat lays, I always use those two. The white cloth for a simple background and the pink and blue cloth for added color and pattern since it might look dull without it. And yes, I’ve been doing my flay lays on the floor. Haha

What I use is the “P” setting or the Program. It’s half-automatic and half manual so I can still adjust some settings.


What I usually adjust for my liking is the exposure. I usually increase the exposure to 2 or by 1.5.


I also usually set my ISO to AUTO especially when I am just using my hands for flat lays. However, when I’m in the mood to set up my tripod, I increase my ISO by 100 which gives it really that clean look.


With the White balance setting, I just go for the AUTO or the indoor. It really depends on the lighting I have.


And I usually take literally a hundred photos because I’m just not too confident with every shoot and I have to change the flay lays every now and then.


When I’m done with the shoot and have transferred the photos on my phone, it’s now time to edit it to make it blend into my Instagram feed.

I love VSCO, I think it’s really one of the best photo editing app there is. It has a lot of filters and it’s very easy to use.


I import the photo I want to edit in my VSCO app


Then I go to the filter section and choose the filter I want. I have bought the VSCO filter bundles so I’m more flexible in editing my photos but I think the standard free filters also works great because I have used them for years until I have finally decided to invest on some other filters.

Then I choose the filter I want. For that overexposed background but a clear subject photo, what I would recommend is thr N1 filter.


Then adjust accordingly. For my feed, I use the N1 +6 but it also depends on the picture.


Then I go to the tools sections and crop it.



Of course for Instagram, it has to be 1:1 or square.


Then on the home of VSCO, you can easily see if your new photo fits well to your feed.IMG_2365.PNG

and if not, you can go back to the tool section and still adjust the settings such as the exposure.


And tadah! My Instagram feed. White and pink; just what I always wanted.



  1. Try and try- For me to finally found the perfect theme and filter I took me months and a lot of researching. So if your edits didn’t work, try again until you are satisfied.
  2. Lighting makes a HUGE difference- I have seen a lot of VSCO tutorials and I have tried it but I failed miserably. One factor may be that the pictures I’ve taken are in different lighting or environment.

And by the end of the day just have fun taking pictures and editing them!

And that it is for today’s blog!
Hope you learned something new today!
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Roseanne ❤

P.S. Not a Pro photographer so spare me

5 thoughts on “How I take and edit my photos- Overexposed background;clear subject using VSCO App

  1. Nice feed filter. 🙂 I just usually go for Manual on my camera and just always adjust place the iso to 1600-3000 in the morning and just adjust play with the shutter speed to 1/60-1/100 depending on the lighting. I haven’t tried the vsco bec I try to use less app as possible. I might explore it in the near future when I’m not busy. 🙂

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