Airbnb 101-How to and Tips

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Today’s post is about  how to and tips in AirBnb! I think this might be helpful for those planning their summer trips already.

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Airbnb is community wherein you can host and be a guest in any accommodation you choose. Basically, you find a place to stay in or look for someone who wants to stay in your house, apartment,condo or even resorts.

I’ve used Airbnb for three times now and I think it’s really a wonderful way of saving some money when going on a trip, staycation or a vacation.

So for those who haven’t tried Airbnb yet here are some how-to and some tips!

When you go to what will appear right away is the booking information needed; for them to find a suitable accommodation for you.

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Then, all you just need to do is to fill-out all the information needed from you to book a place such as the Place, date and number of guest.

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Airbnb will now look for those host who are free during your chosen date. You can easily see on the right side, a map;with the available accommodation and the prices.

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You can change the room type. If you would like an entire house, a private room or just  a shared room.

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You can also change the price range so that it would be easy for you to find a suitable place.

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There is also this option where you can Instant book a place. Which means that you can book the place even without the approval of the host.

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And another option is to really give the detail of the place you want and what amenities you are looking for.


When you have finally chosen a place, you can have an overview of the different information you might need such as house rules and amenities.


But most importantly, there is a review section from the people who have already stayed in the place.


and then just book the place and place your payment in airbnb. When it’s verified, the host can contact you for other information such as directions to the place or you can contact them for other requests.

During the day of your booking, the host or someone from the place will accommodate you; tour you in the place and give some instructions such as where to place the key before you leave and alike.

The day after your booking, Airbnb will send you a request to review the host and likewise the host will also review you as a guest.

Whenever we go to Manila, we also book a place near MoA (Mall of Asia) because it’s really accessible to the mall and the condo we always pick has a lot of restaurants near by.

So if you’re planning to have a staycation or have an event near MoA I suggest to book in Sea Residence or Shell Residence. They have good amenities and is also walking distance to MoA.


  • ALWAYS read the host’s review to get an overview of what the place looks like and how accomodating the host is
  • DON’T hesitate on asking the host;information you need or any request to make your stay more comfortable
  • The earlier the day of your booking the less choices you will have, so it’s better to look for a place at least a month before or so.
  • AGAIN, ALWAYS read the host’s review to get an overview of what the place looks like and how accommodating the host is

It could be overwhelming to book your first airbnb trip but I guarantee you that it will be worthy and will save you a lot of money when travelling or having a vacation.

You can signup using my link and get 1,100php Travel Credit.

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Hope you learned something new today!
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  1. Thanks for these tips, I have always been weary of using Air Bnb but I would like to give it a go eventually. At least now I know how to use it a little better, and that there are reviews so I can see if other people have stayed there.


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