YouTubers you MUST subscribe if you have either oily or dry skin

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I love watching people do their make up and discover new products, but my current favorite YouTubers makes it so worthy to watch them for they are so informative. I know there are a lot of beauty Youtubers out there but for me, these two deserve more recognition that they have right now.

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Kathleen Light

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If you love ColourPop, maybe you know her already.She has done a collaboration with ColourPop and that’s why I discovered her.


What I really love about Kathleen is how honest she is with product reviews. Honest but not rude. She really gives reviews to product which she tested with all the options needed. Kathleen also put a lot of effort in creating a video with great content and not just to upload.

I have an oily skin type and Kathleen has dry skin type but I don’t mind watching her because of how in depth she describes products not only high-end but also drugstore make up products.

Nikkia Joy

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Nikkia Joy should be the goddess of oily skin type girls out there. I swear that her content is the bomb! She explains every technique and how it will help us, oily girls out there. She has a lot of how to videos that can be easily understood even those just starting to learn about make up. She needs more recognition than what she has right now. She is that Youtuber that I can relate most; oily skin plus enlarge pores.

You have to check out her Jamsu challenge video and how she explains every process.

There a lot, and I mean a lot of beauty YouTubers out there but these two are my current favorite. I binge watch their video and write down notes on which product to buy and what technique I should try.

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Btw, Who is your favorite Youtuber? I wanna watch ’em too!
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  1. Aw! I am about to post the same topic this week! But not only for beauty Youtubers though, have you ever watched Cocochic? She’s a new Youtuber but she is currently on the rise and really pleasant to listen to 🙂

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