DIY Time: Rainbow Highlighter

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I’m back! I feel like I’ve been MIA for months! I feel bad for not blogging so much and I have no excuses. I’ve been tad bit lazy the couple of days but now I’m here! Enough with the chitchat and here is my DIY Rainbow Highlighter.

covers 2 (2).png

I know there are a lot of Tutorials and DIY of the rainbow highlighters out there and I just want to try them out myself. For the days that maybe I just want to be a unicorn. If you are from the Philippines then it is more your aisle because I’ll be using local make up brands.

Things you will need:

  • Eye shadow or highlighter of your choice
  • Make up pan
  • Alcohol
  • Popsicle Stick
  • Paper
  • Plastic wrap or tissue



I’m using my 99% Alcohol from Suesh but I think you can use any alcohol (not sure) just to keep the powders together.


What I use is my Ever bilena and Nichido Eye Shadow set. I used this for this purpose because they are really affordable and except for the Ever bilena rainbow set, I already have them and not using them because I’m sticking to nudes and browns right now.


I don’t have a make up pan but I have a broken compact pressed powder pan so this will do.


Paper to put the shadows and Popsicle stick or anything that could help you break down the shadows and transfer it.




1.Choose the eye shadow you want and crash them using your Popsicle stick . It is also better to swatch first the shadows to see if that’s the color pigment you want.


2. Transfer the crashed shadows into the paper. Be careful not to mix the shadows with the other colors. You can also scoop them out using a tea spoon.


3. Repeat the process until you have all the colors you need.


4. Transfer the pigments into the pan


You can use another piece of paper to straighten out the pigments or as a barrier so that it doesn’t go everywhere.

Do this step until you fill up your pan with your chosen pigments


5. Then put drops of alcohol on each color. Just enough to make them wet but not soak.


6. Using a Plastic wrap or a tissue, pat down the pigments until you achieve a smooth and pressed pan.


Then let it air dry overnight and tadah! Your very own rainbow highlighter.  Actually I just ended up using the ever bilena rainbow set and one color from Nichido. This over all cost me Php 175.00.



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Hope you learned something new today!
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