Meet Brownies


Hello. My name is brownies. I’m not entirely sure if that’s my real name but the people who feed me calls me brownies. I’m part of the askal breed or native Filipino breed that you can commonly see in the streets. I’m now a mom and I’m trying my best to keep my pups alive. It’s hard sometimes to take care of them while looking for food for myself.

I used to live with my real owner. I was loved, fed, and played with and in exchange, I gave them my loyalty. Every time they will come home from work, I will greet them with my warm hugs and smile. Then one day, I heard that we’ll be moving to another house, I’m so excited to have a new environment and new friends!

On the day that we’re moving, they left me off my chain. I can see our things being carried to the jeepney, and later on, saw the jeep left–without me. Maybe they only forgot about me, or maybe they’ll come back again to move other things and eventually bring me to my new home!

Minutes, hours, days, and weeks have passed but they are still not here. Is everything okay? Did anything happen to my masters?

One morning I heard the gate of the house being opened. I jumped up and down! I knew they will come back for me! I knew it! I went to our house and I saw some unfamiliar faces. It was not my master.

I know I have to do something. I looked for them and while looking for them I meet some people who helped and still helping me. They feed me, bring me water, gave me another name, and even took pictures of me! I’m happy that I’m being loved again but I’m still missing my real owners. I’m still waiting for them. I know they’ll come back. I just know it.

One day, Mom noticed a dog eating some leftover cat food in her store. We were amazed to see a dog eat cat food and eventually brownies just waited for my mom, every day to feed her. She loves eating cat food until one day, maybe; she realized that it was not for dogs so she stopped eating it. My mom felt sorry for brownies so she called me and asked to bring her food and now that has become our daily routine. To save some food for brownies.


Brownies stay in the neighboring compound and would walk to my mom’s store every day just to eat. Unfortunately, her owner right now has no work and can’t really afford to buy food for her. We already gave him some dog food for brownies but she doesn’t like it and would still go to our store. Mom thinks that she’s still waiting for her original master. Still longing for them maybe.


Brownies’ story is also a story of most abandoned dogs and now on the streets.  Owners leaving them as if they have no feelings. Why leave them like that? What heart do you have to leave a dog like that?  It breaks my heart seeing brownies wait for her original owner still, but I’m amazed at how loyal she is. Dogs don’t deserve humans like them. I even saw one of our neighbors asking for her to leave and she’s just sitting there! And another neighbor of ours even said ” Oh bakit buhay pa yan, pinapapatay ko na yan ah”  “Why is she still alive. I already asked her to be killed”  Seriously?!

If you’re reading and is planning to buy a dog, please consider adopting or rescuing a dog or even a cat. Save them, please.


I wish I could bring brownies back to our house but we are already housing to 18 cats and they are just terrified of her. For now, that is all that we can do. We are also planning to bring her to the city vet and have her vaccinated and even neutered.

And that it is for today’s blog!
Please take love your pets!
Adopt don’t shop!
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Roseanne ❤

4 thoughts on “Meet Brownies

  1. I think Brownie looks wonderful ! Kudos to you for helping her in your own way. Hope she finds a good human to love and care for her. 🙂


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