Suesh Basic Make Up Workshop Experience


This is my first ever make up workshop. Everything I know about makes up is from the Internet and mainly just by watching some YouTubers. That’s why I was so excited to have a real-life lesson with a person who has really an experience in makeup.

Suesh has been offering a lot of makeup workshop but this is also the first time that it will be held in Vista Mall in Sta. Rosa Laguna. The place where I live.

The workshop cost 1,500php with free 5pcs. makeup brush. They will require you to pay a down payment of 1000Php and later pay the remaining amount on the day of the workshop. The workshop is from 1:00 to- 4:00 pm. A 3-hour basic workshop that covers a day and night time look.


I arrived at the workshop at least 30 mins before 1pm and they are still fixing some things.


I was a bit confused if I’ll just sit there or what because no one was really approaching me and there is no instruction on what to do when we arrive. I expected a registration booth or someone assisting us in what we should do. People started to arrive and I just heard from the other work shoppers that we must pay the remaining balance at their kiosk.

I was also surprised to see a lot of work shoppers because I was expecting only a small group of us as stated in their class course. It should be just around 6-7 work shoppers but we were around 15. It also stated that they will give a handout but they didn’t. I don’t mind taking notes but I already expected a handout.


Our teacher was Ms. Anna Isip. Can I just say that she looks so gorgeous! She first thought us how important skincare routine is and then went into teaching the basic day makeup look. She explained everything so well and I was just there like a sponge absorbing everything. I have never been so attentive in class–ever.



After teaching us the look, it was our time to do it on ourselves. Not gonna lie, I was a bit scared to do my own makeup in public because I’m too afraid to mess up everything and look too weird. But with the help of Ms. Anna and my other workshop mates (Hi girls! Thank you for yesterday! Made the workshop more fun because I was sitting beside you girls), I did it! I even did my own eyeliner which I have been struggling for the longest time! Ms. Anna was also roaming around checking on us and answering our questions.

After the daytime look, another demo was done but this time a night time look with a smokey eye. Ms. Anna assured us that it’s okay to use a black base for our smokey eye and gave us the confidence to do it in our selves. I love how my eyes look and I even succeeded in lining my waterline!

Overall, Aside from the lack of handouts and how big of a group we were; It was a great workshop. Ms. Anna is such a good teacher and I would definitely enroll in their advance makeup workshop.


If you are planning to attend one of Suesh’s Workshop, I really do recommend it. I think it’s a value for money.

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5 thoughts on “Suesh Basic Make Up Workshop Experience

  1. Wow ako din gusto ko umattend ng mga workshop kso mdjo pricey😟sana ngselfie k sis ng makeup look mo😀 Low quality kasi pictures ko nun kaya hindi ko na nilagay 😀

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