My Bare Skin Specialist Soap Review

My Bare Skin Specialist is a local Philippine brand that produces an all-organic hair and skin care products suited for every Filipinos. Since it’s an all-organic product, it is all suited even for expecting moms. There are no harmful chemicals added in the products so rest assured that what you are putting into your skin or hair is good for you.

They have a wide range of products but what I think differs them from others is their artisan soaps. They are all crafted with love and curated with passion. Local businesses like this should be supported and should be acknowledged for being different and for being one of a kind.

Last February, Ms. Rowena sent me some soaps to try. It did take me until today for the final review because I really did want to try out the product first. I already did my first impression review of these products on my Instagram account.

Exotic Date with olive soap



This soap is made out of exotic dates olive that is known to have a lot of vitamins while olive is known to have antioxidant properties.

  • This soap has a mild fruity scent which I love. The perfect scent for a tropical country if that even makes sense.
  • The soap comes with a rope. This is perfect to hang and to help you use the soap. Plus I think that my hanging soap looks totally rustic and really has an organic feeling into it
  • Since this soap is baked, it does not melt easily and will not have that residue when you leave it in your bathroom for a period of time
  • What I really love about this soap is that it gives that squeaky clean feeling after rinsing it off.

Massage bar soap with rose petals



  • As the name of the product says, it is a message soap shaped like a flower and it really has some rose petals for each soap
  • This comes in a jar and each jar contains around 8 pieces of soap
  • It really has a flowery scent and once you open the jar the smell will just reek but it is a very relaxing scent. Really perfect for a message
  • I tried it in my hands and the soap kinda turns oily when you rub it which is perfect for massages.
  • Left the jar open in my bathroom and you can really smell that flowery scent.

Instant whitening soap

This instant whitening soap is made out of Japanese rice powder.



  • This really has a powdery texture because of its main ingredient which is the Japanese rice powder
  • The soap is super cute! It is shaped like a small pound cake.
  • It smells like baby powder. Among all the soaps, the smell of this one is the best for me.
  • I did try this on my neck for a few weeks, what I did was take a piece from the soap and put some water until it becomes a paste-like consistency then rub it on my neck.
  • It did brighten up my neck right after I take a bath and over time made some difference. Maybe if I use this more, I can achieve the neck complexion I want.
  • Since this soap is really powdery, It melts really easily so it’s not advisable to leave it in your bathroom or your soap container that can soak it in water

**This soap has now been reproduced in a new shape and formula which does not melt easily.

Overall, I think there is room for improvements in the packaging aspect but I love the rustic feel it gives. I really love how they use purely organic ingredients in creating their soap.

Definitely, a must-try local brand! You can choose from their wide range of products and I’m sure you’re going to find the right soap suited for you and your skin. Plus they are always introducing new and creative products.

My Bare Skin Specialist

Instagram: @mybareskinspecialistmain


And that it is for today’s blog!
Hope you learned something new today!
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Roseanne ❤

*** Product sent to me for review purpose
** What I Stated above is my pure and honest reviews about the product
* Products that work for me might not work for others for we all have different skin type and preferences

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