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In case you didn’t know, I love watching kdrama or Korean drama. There is something about Korean drama that is somewhat addicting to watch. I just love how their story line is so different from the rest. In case you are looking for a kdrama to watch, continue reading my post for my recommendation.

1. Boys Over Flowers- A kdrama adaptation of the famous Meteor Garden which is a Thai series. This is a classic Kdrama that evolves in a story of a rich heiress falling in love with a simple girl and along the way finds themselves proving their love for each other.


2. Emergency couple- A medical drama with a very cool story line. This is one of the best medical drama I’ve watched. A divorced couple find themselves both as an intern in the hospital and there is where the story evolves on how they will deal with each other after their divorce and how they can move on from their past.


3. Legend of the blue sea-  A fantasy drama that involves a noble man falling in love with a mermaid.  A historical drama combined with fantasy and romance– Perfect drama!


4. Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo- A coming of age story of a college girl. Falling inlove, finding oneself and achieving their dreams. This is such a light story and will just really brighten up your mood.


5. The Heirs– Another Lee Min Ho Kdrama! Basically it is a story of an heir to a business falling in love with an ordinary girl. There are a lot of twist in this drama and you’ll never gt bored in any episode. This is also where I fell inlove with Kim Woo Bin haha


6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon– A girl trying her best to fit in the word with her superhuman strength. A really good simple kdrama with a bit of suspense.

*Still on going but already love it so much that it deserves to be on my list


Still watching Goblin and Uncontrollable fond!!

*PS sorry if I was not very clear on explaining the kdrama. I just don’t want to spoil you guys. You just have to watch it to fall in love also with the series.

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7 thoughts on “Kdrama Recommendation

  1. Some good classic dramas on here and I am loving the currently airing Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! And of course Goblin is an amazing story. If you want an interesting different storyline for your to-be-watched list check out W-Two Worlds, a personal favorite recent Kdrama.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yess!! Still waiting for the latest episode of strong woman. I really like the scenes of Goblin. ❤ I already watched W but not really my cup of tea. Too complicated for me. Haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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