The Happy Organics (Laguna) Fairy Foaming Facial Wash Review

Today, I’m going to share with you my thoughts about The Happy Organics’ Fairy Foaming Facial wash. This was sent to me by The Happy Organics Laguna to try and review.


In early 2014, Michelle Maureen Lim-Roque, inspired by a friend’s online business success, founded The Happy Organics, a company that provides all-organic products locally and abroad.

After much research, she found that the organic beauty care products available in the market today do not satisfy some of the customers and her personal standards so she created organic hand-made soaps from the finest oils and botanical extracts.

The feedbacks from the customers were definitely positive. The soaps are said to not only smoothen and brighten the skin but also heal clients’ skin conditions. Because of her hand-made soaps’ success, she was encouraged to expand the business to be able to cater to a larger market while continuously perfecting the product and its processes.

In May 2014, the business operation was temporarily stopped when she gave birth to her twins but also resumed that same year upon loyal customers’ requests.

Now, The Happy Organics offers 41 all-natural and organic cosmetic products distributed all over Metro Manila and in selected provinces in the Philippines.

Due to Ms. Lim-Roque’s success in making a home-based business and her fervent desire to personally take care of her kids and spend more time with her family, it has become her personal mission to help others earn from home and empower mothers like her by providing advantageous partnership programs.

From the Happy Organics Website

Fairy Foaming Facial Wash

Price:  Php 395.00

Weight: 100mL

Description: A gentle foaming cleanser with potent antiseptic properties that hydrates, moisturizes, dries up pimples and gives a brightened and clear complexion with regular use. Our organic botanical actives composed of guava leaf, turmeric, and chaparral, will help fight spot-causing bacteria, tones the skin and balance sebaceous activity without depleting the skin of the natural oils. An antiseptic formula that deeply cleanses, removes impurities, perspiration and makeup.

Our face wash brush with ultra-soft silicone bristles reaches where the fingers cannot and this deep cleanses pores effectively and brightens the skin tone. Skin is fresh, calmed, toned, and extra clean!

Directions: Pump Twice until bubbly. Gently massage face with the tool brush using circular motion and lather is on the whole face for a minute. Rinse with water and pat dry. Apply the rest of your regimen.


Packaging: It has a very simple but cute packaging!  l love for the brush has its own cap for hygienic purposes.  Even if the label gets wet it will not be ruined. There are proper descriptions, directions, and ingredient list. I also love how the main bottle is not too big or small so it’s really easy to hold when brushing my face.


The bristles of the brush are really soft! It’s not harsh on the face and it really gets into the sides of my nose. The brush is also easy to clean up after.


Effectiveness: I really fell in love the moment I tried this product. I use this every morning when I take a bath. It feels so good to brush my face and it feels so relaxing.  Just today, when I was brushing my nose, I saw some blackheads on the brush! I was so surprised to see it and yet so happy that it’s also helpful in removing some blackheads especially in my nose which is really a problematic area for me. The tool can even brush the side of my nose.

Right after I use this, I can really feel that my face is so moisturized and feels so soft. You know that feeling when you use a moisturizing soap and you rinse it but you feel that there is still some soap because you can feel that super smooth and silky feeling? That’s what you’ll feel after using the facial wash!

As said in the product description, you can use this to remove makeup. I did try to remove my make up using the foam without using makeup remover prior to using the facial wash.


I did remove the makeup so easily! Even my smokey eye shadow!


After washing my face and pat dry, I wipe my face with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water to check if how much makeup is still on my face.


Not that much makeup residue was left on my face. Mostly the residue was in the part near my ears because I’m afraid that the soap will enter my ears. Haha

Overall, a really great product! It really does what it claims to do. However, it does make up my face a bit more oily than usual maybe because it really does moisturize my face so after a couple of hours or so I can see some oil on my T-zone. This product is really good in removing makeup can really get that product out of your face.

I will continue to use this product because it really does help remove impurities and I feel that my pores won’t clogged that much because of the bristles.  I also love how it helps remove blackheads and dries up pimples!

The Happy Organics

The Happy Organics Laguna
Instagram: @thehappyorganics_laguna
Mobile: 09258798886
Store: Allison Boutique 2F Centennial Plaza Bldg
San Isidro, Cabuyao Laguna
Store Hours: 11:00 AM- 8:30 PM

And that it is for today’s blog!
Thak you Ms. Kim of The Happy Organics Laguna!
If you have questions please don’t hesitate to comment down below, would gladly answer them for you guys
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Roseanne ❤

The product was sent for review purposes.
All of my views are 100% honest
Products that work for me might not work for everybody

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