Vanity Corner Update

I have recently cleaned my vanity area and I would like to share with you guys how it looks right now. I have yet to invest in those acrylic organizers so, for now, their containers is all sort of different things.

Still missing some bulbs but I’ll buy it one day at a time.

This first layer of the shelf is where I put my brushes, liquid lipstick my sponges and cotton pads

IMG_0428IMG_0431IMG_0437IMG_0439 - Copy

Then on my main desk, it is full of my skincare and makeup products. The ones displayed is my go-to product for an everyday look.

IMG_0440 - Copy

My current skincare. Post soon!
My DIY Petal blusher


Then on the right side of the corner, I have 3 more compartments full of skincare products and makeup still


And that it is for today’s blog!
Sorry for the blurry pictures!!!
Just really want to share to you guys an update on my vanity area.
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Sending my love,
Roseanne ❤

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