Eden’s Paradise HMLR lipstick Review from @glowbitph

Today is another review time on my site! I’m excited to share with you guys my thoughts about Eden’s Paradise Honestly Matte Liquid Rouge Lipstick in the shade of Saturday Yay and Sunday chill.

Eden’s Paradise is a local brand here in the Philippines. They sell cosmetics and skincare products curated for Filipinos. The lipstick that I reviewed is from one of their official resellers; Glow Bit Ph.

I opened the package on Instagram story (@heyitsmeroseanne) the day it came because I was just way too excited to try a new lipstick.



Honest ingredients. Made in Japan. With LipCool™ technology that creates COOLING SENSATION ON LIPS!


✅FDA registered NN#1000001189781
✅High-quality ingredients
Made in Japan

This product is also paraben-free and cruelty-free. These also come in 4 different shades, Sunday Chill, Monday Rush, Friday feels, and Saturday Yay! What I have is the Sunday Chill which is a nude shade and the Saturday Yay! which is a Red-Brown shade.


Sunday Chill
Saturday Yay!


Packaging:  I really love how the lipstick comes in the cardboard tube, I think that’s very unique but I guess the main purpose of it is so that it can reach their customer in one piece. No one wants a broken lipstick, right? The only thing that I will suggest for them is to put the shade also in the main lipstick tube so that when the label is gone, we can still distinguish the shade.

Edit: The one I got has no label for it is the first release but now they have included the label on the lipstick bottle itself.

Formula: I was so shocked when I tried it for the first time for it gives a really minty feel in your lips. I love it! I love the mint and freshness it gives. It felt so cool in my lips; really perfect for the summer heat!

Since this is a matte formula, I was already expecting it to dry out my lips but I was wrong! The longer it stayed on my lips the more I can’t feel anything in my lips. It’s so light on the lips that you won’t even know you’re wearing the lipstick.

The lipstick will stay there unless you really use an oil-based lipstick remover! You won’t need to retouch it even after eating and drinking. I use my micellar water to remove it but it’s so hard to remove that I really have to put so much effort to completely remove the lipstick.

I could honestly compare this to ColourPop but I have yet to find the right dupe shade for the two. Most of my lipsticks are from ColourPop and that’s really my go-to lipstick, but with ColourPop especially the Ultra Matte it’s really drying on the lips which I really don’t love.


Love this line of lipstick! It’s really 100% a non-transfer lipstick and it’s really extremely long-lasting! I really can say that this is much better than ColourPop in terms of formulation. I wish that they could release more shades in the future and put the shade on the lipstick bottle itself.


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Mobile: 0916-287-8650

And that is it for today’s blog!
Thank you Ms. Jocelyn of Glowbitph!
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Roseanne ❤

The product was sent for review purposes.
All of my views are 100% honest
Products that work for me might not work for everybody

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