Hey Bog # 14: Happy Mother’s Day!

Welcome to Hey blog!
Hey Blog basically is where I share to you guys my day ,week, throw back stories or just about anything! This is my way of putting my memories to the interweb and for you to also get to know me a bit more.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the Philippines and I just wanted to share to you guys how we spent it.

Me and my cousins planned a surprise dinner for our mother and it all started from there. It was really a very spontaneous plan but I’m so glad it worked. Our plan was to cook them dinner and give them flowers and cake and the rest of the details was made during the day. Hahaha

We first decided to go to a flower shop but was shocked how expensive the flowers were so just decided to gamble a bit and go to Tagaytay where there is really an affordable flower stalls. We were kinda afraid that we might get stuck in traffic but the heavens are on us for it was really a smooth drive going to Tagaytay which is really unusual especially on a Sunday.

The trip to Tagaytay was worthy because we got beautiful flowers for our moms. Though it took us at least an hour or so in the stall because the florist had to arrange them all. In total, I think we bought 9 bouquet of flowers! The car trunk was just full of the bouquets.


Then we went grocery shopping for our planned dinner which is to cook our specialty and also do a Korean BBQ. We also bought the cake for them.

It was already 3:00pm when we had our lunch and then right after we went to Kmart to buy some Korean BBQ needs.

We arrived at our Tita’s house around 4:00pm and we were just tired but we have to still prepare a lot of things. AT around 6:00pm all of our mom was there and then we surprised them with the flowers and then dinner was served!


Sorry I didn’t have pictures of our dinner for I was busy and just overall tired. Hahaha. But it was all worth it. Seeing them smile and how much they appreciated our effort.

To my mom, Happy Mother’s Day!! I love you and Thank you very everything!


And to all the moms out there, You are truly our hero and inspiration. We love you all!

 And that is it for today’s blog!
Happy Mother’s Day!
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Sending my love,
Roseanne ❤


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