Life Update- May

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I’m back! After two weeks of being gone here on my site, I’m finally back with some updates and some blog post. I miss this! For today’s post; I’m just going to update you guys what I’ve been doing and what knot.

  •  MY FIRST EVER WORK TRAINING: I’ve been just busy with the training for my work (my first ever work if everything pushes through). I’ve been just adjusting to everything; studying the manual and having online training since it’s a home based job. For the most part, that’s what stopping me from blogging since I’ve been just focusing on that and when I do have a free time, I am sleeping or helping with some house chores.
  • BOUGHT A NEW LAPTOP: Since my work requires me to be efficient and effective,I guess my old pink laptop wasn’t doing that anymore. I finally decided to retire it (It was 7 years old so I guess it’s not too bad to finally have her peace lol) and buy a new one.
  • I WON A GIVEAWAY- For the first time, I won a giveaway! I won the Purederm Ph Summer ready giveaway. I already have the prizes and I’ll show what I’ve got on the next post.
  • ED SHEERAN IN MNL- This is it! This time I swear I’ll go to his concert. I love him and his songs and I just can’t wait to see him live! So yeah, basically I’m saving for it so I’ll be going on a strict no make up buy (I’ll try my best on this one)

Am I forgetting something? Hmm. It’s so nice to be back here and typing and just sharing everything to everyone.

And that it is for today’s blog!
Just a quick update!
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