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Today’s post aims to help you readers make purchasing make up easier. Either can help you match your foundation or help you choose make up with different dupes and swatches.

Bookmark this sites to help you on your next shopping.


This makes foundation shopping a lot easier. If you have found your perfect shade in a specific brand, this site can help you match that shade with a different brand.

All you need to do is to indicate what brand and shade you would like to get a match.


and a list of all the products with the matching shade will appear. It will also indicate if that specific product or shade is warmer or lighter



One of my go to website when looking for a swatch but now it has also a foundation matrix that could also help you match your existing foundation. What I really love about this site is how detailed their recommendations are and how they also offer drug store make up to match.


You can also use this site to help you find a swatch



This is site help you find the perfect foundation for you by asking you about your skin conditions.



This website can help you find that perfect look. This site has a lot of look books that you guys can copy because it has a step by step tutorial.


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