Review: Skin Potions’ Unicorn Day dream Skin Hydrating Serum

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Today I’m going to share to you my thoughts about Skin Potions’ Unicorn Day Dream Skin Hydrating Serum

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Skin Potions it is a local brand that offers an affordable line of skin care and beauty products. In my previous post, I have reviewed their Acne pie soap, tomato serum and face mist, today, I’m going to review another product from them which is their Unicorn Day Dream Skin Hydrating Serum which if I could remember correctly it was launched early this year in line with their other unicorn themed products.

Lazada Philippines

Quick side story, my best friend bought it for me in their Kiosk in SM Mega mall. I really didn’t intend to buy a new product but since they were having a sale I decided to buy one.
When first saw this serum in their Instagram account, I was excited to try it. It’s something new here in our country and it reminded me of those serum beauty gurus used in their makeup tutorial.

BENEFITS: * Makes severe dry skin moisturized * Promotes healthy glow
* Can be used as primer and a healthy serum in one
* Creates an unbelievable glow on skin * Adds pinkish effect on cheeks * Boost hydration on skin
* Prevents dullness * Boosts elasticity of the skin
* Prevents pimple – This enchanting potion is packed with natural ingredients. Fits even for sensitive skin! Surreal goodness in a bottle!

Enjoy fresh, bouncy, hydrated and baby skin even in just one use!

Price: Php 399 for 20mL product
Directions for use: Apply 1-2 drops of this potion, massage gently on the face. Let it dry and apply your regular makeup/skincare afterwards. Enjoy your plump healthy and glowing skin.

Lazada Philippines

Packaging: This comes in a small bottle with a dropper.
Scent and color: This product comes in a bubble gum scent and also in a bubble gum blue. This also comes with gold glitters
I have high expectations with this product given that I loved my previous purchase but this one didn’t quite work for me. I was disappointed that the glitter just stuck to the bottom of the bottle even if I shake the bottle. I even contacted them regarding this because I want that sparkle.



Lazada Philippines

I love how this product comes with a dropper, something I have never tried before but was a cool experience.

This product really moisturizes your face but I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin because it did made my face more oily than usual. I think this product would be perfect for those with dry to normal skin. In my experience, my face produced more oil than usual when using this product. I also didn’t like the fact that it smelled like bubble gum because to me it felt like putting a candy on my face which made me feel that my face is sticky also because I’m used to mild scent.

I don’t know why but my serum turned super gooey even though I always make sure that it is tightly closed. I bought this on April and now the product has lost it’s quality, I noticed that it’s super oily and feels like I’m just applying oil.


This product has lots of potential and I wish they could revamp their formula and release something for us oily girls. Still, I find the brand amazing in curating new products and still making it affordable for everyone.

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