Let’s talk about Makeup remover

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Today,let’s talk about Make up removers. Aside from proper skin care routine I think it is also important to note how important it is to always remove your make up before hand. Like Make up, make up remover has so many kinds and variants that you could choose from. Today I’m going to discuss my favorite make up removers for different reasons.

covers 2 (4).png


IMG_0662.JPGThis makeup remover is oil based which is perfect for waterproof mascaras and liners. I also find this product perfect in removing matte lipsticks. What I don’t like about this is that it is very oily and at times a bit messy to use. If you don’t like that oily feeling, I wouldn’t recommend you to use this but if you are looking for that makeup remover for your waterproof makeup, this one is perfect.



There are now a lot of Micellar water available in the market and I think this is one of the best makeup remover out there. It just feels like you are washing your face with a regular water but instead really removes all makeup residues. I also believe that Micellar water is fairly affordable though I feel that you use a lot of product for one use especially when you’re wearing a full on blown makeup. I tend to use 1-2 super soaked cotton pads in removing just my everyday makeup  so what more for a glam look.



Makeup remover towelettes is one of the most convenient makeup remover out there. I love Purederm’s collagen variant it does the work and I love how it has a mild calming scent.

I know there a lot more kinds of makeup remover out there but these is what I am currently using and loving.

Any suggestions on what makeup remover to try next? Or what is your current makeup remover? Comment them so I could also try it.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Makeup remover

  1. I love the garnier water! I use it every night and just before my makeup on the morning 🙂
    Great post!

    Would love for you to check out my latest post xx


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