Hey Blog #17: Where to buy Acrylic organizers in the Philippines

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Acrylic organizers are perfect for your vanity table, it helps you store your make up and at the same time has that simple yet elegant look.

Here in the Philippines, we don’t have a specific container store and it’s a bit hard to find acrylic organizers, there a some online stores that sells them but it is a bit expensive plus of course you have to pay for the shipping.

For those looking for a physical store where you can buy them, good news! SM DEPARTMENT STORES have them in the home section in the container section. They also have a variety of other cosmetic organizers and I think it’s really affordable compared to those I saw online.


You can also find acrylic organizers at JAPAN HOME. Most of my acrylic organizers are from Japan home which is cheaper, you can get them for 66php each or 88php each.

Happy acrylic organizer shopping!

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