Hey Blog #18: Unli Wings in Kuta Balwarte

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Last Saturday, we went to Pacita Laguna to check out  Kuta Balwarte and their Unli Chicken Wings. They offer unli wings,iced tea and rice for 199php.

The ambiance is nice and the place looks clean though their “menu” is only a piece of paper and could have done better.
They offer 10 dips for the plain fried wings. The wings are big and I think they taste good alone but a bit too oily. I was not also impressed by their sauce choice such as orange and apple inspired sauces.
I would suggest that they offer a more savory sauce such as barbecue sauce or even a gravy. I love their garlic mayo and cheese sauce.
I was able to eat 7pcs of wings and half a cup of rice and good thing that they have iced tea because it will help remove the greasy taste from eating too much chicken.
Their staff is very friendly and accommodating. I also love that they offer plastic gloves for the customers and provide a plastic for the leftover bones which we took home for brownies.
Overall, a good experience. I think all you wing lover out there should try it at least and I know that 199Php will be so worth it.
My cousin managed to ate 15pcs of wings!

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5 thoughts on “Hey Blog #18: Unli Wings in Kuta Balwarte

    1. Ride a Jeepney going to pacita complex landmark is Jollibee and from there you can take a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Kuta Balwarte.

      Thank you for dropping by!

      Sending my love,


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