Review: Ever Bilena- Blend Me Sponge

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Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Ever Bilena Blend Me Sponge. This is also my first time reviewing a beauty tool.

covers 2 (5).png

I’m not quiet sure when this product was released, maybe early this year but I only got a hold of them last week and what made me buy them is really just curiosity. I haven’t read or watched any reviews regarding them but I’m sure there is.

I bought 3 sponges which is different in size. All of which comes with a tube container.



Price: 200.00 Php

  • This is their biggest sponge and I really do mean B I G.
  • When I soaked it in water, it did really absorb it and doubled its size.
  • This feels really bouncy and soft after damping it.
  • I would say that I’m not a fan of how big it is, I feel like it was a bit difficult dubbing it to my face.
  • It’s really difficult to use this sponge to blend the corners of your nose because of its size
Before Soaking
After soaking


Price: 150.00 Php

  • This is their medium sized sponge.
  • Same as the pink one, this doubled its size after soaking it in water.
  • It feels really soft and bouncy than the pink one.
  • I like this better than the pink one because I can easily control the sponge and I think that the size is just perfect for the under eyes and also in the corners of the nose
Before Soaking
After soaking


Price:135.00 Php

  • This is their smallest sponge and it contains two blend me sponge per pack.
  • Also double its size when soaked
  • Soft and bouncy too
  • If you want a precise application to the corners of your nose and under eyes this is perfect.
L- After soaking// R- Before Soaking


  • PINK SPONGE: If  you really want that big sponge I really would recommend this one.
  • DARK BLUE SPONGE: This is my favorite among the three. I think that it’s in the middle of the biggest and smallest sponge so I can still do precise blending on the corners and still do my whole face.
  • TEAL SPONGE: I think this is also great in using cream shadows since you can easily control the sponge.

Don’t over soaked your sponge since it really tends to absorb it and you’ll have a difficult time drying it. Just damp it or spray it with water. All sponges create a flawless finish you just really have to dab it well and also it doesn’t have large pores so there is no marks coming from it.

I have pinched and stretched the sponges to test its durability. The pink sponge tore but the blue and teal didn’t. All the sponges doesn’t have a chemical smell when I first opened it. I also love that these has container tubes which I can use to store them when I’m not using it. I also tried cleaning them with an anti-bacterial soap and the foundation easily came off and didn’t left a stain.

Before soaking
After soaking

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