Hey Blog #22: I love Samples and Sample size

Welcome to Hey blog!

Hey Blog basically is where I share to you guys my day, week, throwback stories or just about anything! This is my way of putting my memories to the interweb and for you to also get to know me a bit more.

Who doesn’t love samples! I always feel giddy when sales ladies give out free samples of product and when a product releases a sample size!

I like buying sample sizes of product especially when the product is relatively not that cheap.

This is a Ellela Essence and BB cream sample size that I got for free and I fell in love with. To be honest this is my second set of sample size since my mom also got one. I love the Ginseng Therapy Clarifying essence and I do plan to buy the full size once I’ve finish my other skin care product. I have yet to try the BB cream but I have high hopes since I love their essence. By the way, this is a Korean product and hands down I believe that Korean Skin Care is the best out there.


Sometimes I buy a sample size product just to try it especially when a Youtuber or blogger raves about it. I remember buying an AA cream which Anna Cay (one of my favorite youtuber)  loves and I was really intrigue but didn’t really want to buy a full size one since I really doubt that the shade will compliment me given that most Korean product doesn’t have a wide range of shades.

I’m so glad I bought that sample size since I really didn’t love this one. First, I really didn’t love that consistency and second it’s not my shade, it is too white on me.



Sometimes I buy the same sample size product even though there is a full size one because I don’t know if I love it or hate it so I just ended up buying sample sizes of it just in case I want to use it but definitely not my go to product.

iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita is one of the most rave locally available moisturizer and I see a lot of good reviews from bloggers but I really have a love- hate relationship with this one. I really think that it does moisturize my face but I can really feel how greasy it is and how I tend to be more oily than usual.

Definitely not using this as a base for my make up but I do use this one when I feel my face is too dry especially when I went out to the beach.



That it is for today’s blog!
Do you also love samples?!
If you have questions please don’t hesitate to comment down below, would gladly answer them for you guys
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Roseanne ❤

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