Review: Beauty Fix Peel-Off Mask

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Today, I want to share my thoughts about Beautyfix’s peel off mask whitening and pore minimizer. This is available in Watsons store and SM department store beauty section.

Quick story, I was at the cashier when I saw two sachets of this product and seems like someone decided not to buy it and left it on the counter so I decided to buy it and spoiler alert, I loved it!

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Product Description: Whitens and minimizes pores, removing dead skin, clearing up deep seated dirt and other impurities. Loaded with vitamins and active ingredients that will restore the elasticity of skin and combats acne leaving skin glowing and healthy.

Directions: Wash face with warm water then apply on the entire face. Wait for 20 minutes for the mask to completely dry then peel off mask in an upward manner starting from the chin. Remove excess dry formulation with warm water.

Price: Around Php 200.00 ( sorry, forgot to keep the receipt)

Volume: 120g

Lazada Philippines

IMG_0947 (1)

I use this at least twice a week to have better results. Also, remember to avoid your eyes, eyebrows and lips and hair line so that you can easily remove the mask and avoid the peeling process to be painful.


As you can see in the picture above, it clearly removed my whiteheads. It was not a painful peeling process and it took around 20 minutes for the mask to dry. I put a thick layer on my most problematic area which is the cheeks and nose but I feel like it is still more effective to use a nose pore strip but other than that, I think that this mask is really effective in removing whiteheads especially on the forehead, chin and cheek area.

Lazada Philippines


  • Be patient. It may take more than 20 minutes for the mask to completely dry especially when you choose to put a thick layer
  • When in doubt, buy the sample size. This peel-off mask is available in a 10g sachet and cost Php 20.00. This is good for two uses.
  • When you accidentally put some on your hair, just remove the formula by washing it. Do not try to pull it out because it is really painful.Lazada Philippines

    What I love about this mask is how it is really effective in removing whiteheads and it is also affordable. It is also said that this works on all skin type. This is really a great find and would suggest you guys to buy it also. Again, this is available in Watsons store and SM Department store in the beauty section.

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14 thoughts on “Review: Beauty Fix Peel-Off Mask

  1. This is great! Love myself a face mask on those day where I need a bit of pampering!! Just got myself a charcoal one to try tonight! Wish me fun x


  2. i have too much pimples and i dont know what to use to remove some pimple marks …. can you suggest some products? or beauty fix if they have?

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    1. I used to suffer with a lot of pimples too and no joke what removed them is Skinpotions acne pie soap plus tomatoe serum. For pimple marks you could also try skinpotions snow berry cream.It is my holy grail products if I have pimples. Also, don’t forget to wash your face every night. You can always send me a message on my instagram so I can give you more advise ☺️


      1. Skinpotions is available on beautyMnl. You can also order on their Instagram and Facebook account. They also have a physical kiosk at some selected malls


  3. nakakatanggal po ba talaga ng pores yan sa mukha? hindi naman as in na malaki tong pores ko sa mukha… maliliit lang dito sa cheeks pero marami… nakakabawas ng confidence kasi ate kaya pag may kausap ako hindi ako tumitingin minsan o kaya iba ang tinitignan ko pag nakikiusap ako nahihiya kasi ako ate…


    1. Hello! Hindi siya nakaka minimize ng pores unfortunately. And wala product talaga na nakaka tanggal ng pores, meron nakaka pag less visible or smaller. You can send me a message on Ig so I could give you more advice. ☺️ @heyitsmeroseanne


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