Review Time: Berry Little Shop’s Nature’s Wonder Whitening Deodorant

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Today I am going to share to you my thoughts about Berry Little ‘s Nature Wonder Whitening Deodorant. I’ve finished using a bottle of it and now I’m here to share my review about it.

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Little Berry is an online shop that sells Safe, effective and affordable skin care and beauty products. Their products vary from body scrub, soap and even lip tint.



Price: Php 90.00

Weight: 100 mL

Description:A safe, antiperspirant that can whiten the underarm in a natural way. Ingredients includes Papaya extract, Mulberry extract, Phenoxyethanol, F.O., Alcohol from Coconut and Aloe Vera

Lazada Philippines


How to use: Spray the product twice on a cotton ball then gently rub it in your underarm. This is to remove any dead cells and dirt.


Packaging:  This deodorant comes in a spray bottle and when delivered to you, it is tightly wrapped with bubble wrap and the cap is also wrapped with tape to prevent any spills.



The label also has a description of the product, ingredients and weight but there is no expiry or manufactured date indicated but you can definitely ask   the shop. For this one, it will expire on 2019.

Effectiveness: I was given their original scent to try to and I immediately loved it. The scent was not to strong for my liking. When I first tried it, I was shocked to see the dirt and dead cells in the cotton balls which means that it effectively removed the residue from the soap I used to take a bath that could cause body odor,over time. I love how this product doesn’t give me any bad odor and effectively removes it.

Lazada Philippines

I also noticed that my underarm did whiten a bit. I guess that continuous use can really help whiten the underarm significantly and that’s why I bought 3 more!

Yes, I loved the product that I bought 3 more for me to use.

They sent me their original scent but when I bought another 3 they have a new scent which is their mango peach scent. The mango peach scent isn’t really my cup of tea ( I am really picky with scent but some can really make me feel nauseous.) but I can make it work since I love how the product works on me. Though I’m really sad that they cannot longer produce their original scent which smells like berries. Those who love fruity and kinda sweet scent you’ll love their peach mango variant.

Lazada Philippines

I have finished using the 100mL deodorant for a month and it is really affordable compared to the deodorant I used before.

Tips: When I feel that I have not put enough product on the cotton, I directly spray the deodorant on my underarm.


Mobile:  09151986714

And that it is for today’s blog!
Thank you so much to Berry little shop for the trust!
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Roseanne ❤

Product was sent for review purposes.
All of my views are 100% honest
Products that works for me might not work for everybody

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