Review Time: Berry Little Shop’s “Nature’s wonder lash and eyebrow grower”

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Today I’m going to share to you my thoughts about Berry Little’s “Nature’s Wonder lash and brow grower”

Covers 3.png

Berry Little is an online shop that sells organic skin care and beauty products. Their products vary from body scrub, soap and even lip tint.


Price: Php 60.00

Weight: 12mL

Lazada Philippines

Description: Made with natural ingredients that are proven effective in stimulating hair growth. Ingredients includes castor oil, aloe vera, virgin coconut oil and Vitamin E

How to use: Using the mascara wand, apply a good amount of the product to your lashes or eyebrows.

Lazada Philippines



Packaging: The packaging is a plastic mascara bottle that comes with a wand and also this bottle has a stopper to prevent any spillage. The label does include necessary information except the expiry date.

Lazada Philippines

Effectiveness: I apply this product every night before going to bed and within weeks I have seen a difference in terms of volume. I have noticed that my lashes seems thicker.

It was difficult at first to apply the product on my lashes since I really did find the wand too big especially when applying on the lower lashes but over time, as my lashes grow thicker, it was easier for me to apply the product plus it is also a practice in applying mascara.


BEFORE (1).png

Tips: I did try to use a disposable mascara wand and it applied more precise and easier plus it is more hygienic than using the same wand for the brows and lashes.


Mobile:  09151986714

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Product was sent for review purposes.
All of my views are 100% honest
Products that works for me might not work for everybody

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