Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters

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Happy Skin Launched their newest line and it’s a collaboration with Sanrio!

The line includes cosmetics and tools inspired by Sanrio characters Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little twin stars.They released lipsticks, powder, blotting sheets and sponges.

Photo from happyskincosmetics.com

For those of you hearing the brand HAPPY SKIN for the first time, Happy Skin is a proudly Philippine make up brand that is just 3 years in the market but making a huge dent in the local make up industry.
I have always adored Happy Skin’s line especially the beauty and the beast collaboration. I think what sets them apart aside from producing great quality cosmetics is that they are able to touch the kid inside all of the beauty lovers out there by collaborating with different character brands such as Disney’s princess, Beauty and the Beast and now Sanrio Characters and also they do collaborate with artists.

Photo from happyskincosmetics.com
photo form happyskincosmetics.com

When I first heard this latest collaboration, first thing that popped into my head is my mom! My mom loves little twin star so much and is starting to collect again and since my mom loves them, my sister decided to get one for her. (Err. As much as we want to giver her the full little twin star collection the price is not relatively on the affordable side)
And today, with the permission of my mom, (hahaha had to borrow the lipstick from her) I’m going to share a glimpse of the collection and also this is my first time trying out a Happy Skin product

Lazada Philippines

So my sister decided to bought the shut up and kiss me matte liquid lipstick.

Can we first admire how cute the packaging is! It has kiki and lala on top and the whole box is surrounded by kawaii looking sketches. In this box, it contains one shut up and kiss me liquid matte lipstick in the shade of like a purplish pink tone.


The bottle has a gold cap and like the box, the bottle has Kiki and Lala all over it.  It also has a doe foot applicator.

I really love Happy Skin’s packaging , you can really tell that it was well thought of and it is really something that you can display on your vanity.
Their formula reminds me of colourpop’s satin lipstick
I wish Happy Skin would continue to collaborate with different brands and artist.

Lazada Philippines

All the Sanrio lovers out there, this should definitely go into your collection. This is only for a limited time so you better get yours now! If you are outside the Philippines,  you can order on their website. 

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4 thoughts on “Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters

  1. OMG!!!!! love the packaging, I’m from the UK so not heard of this brand, so it’s nice hearing about other brands. Looks like great collection. I live though my excitement through you lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If you was my penpal, I be like pretty please could you send an item from that site with the mail to me. But for now I shall just live through you 😉 x


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